Fake Front Tooth Loose - Will it affect Basic?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by musiclifesoul, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    I have a fake front tooth which comes loose every 2 and a half months and need re-glueing due to a fight a few years ago, my dentist has told me it will get worse to the point where it will not stay in but i have at least 2 years till that.

    can i be medically discharged for this and does the free dentist care cover tooth implants?

  2. Well a loose tooth falling out might give your position away to the enemy, so it might be a problem.
  3. I dont think it will fall out while im in basic, im getting it reglued tomorrow, is the free dentist care only basic in the army or can you get implants ect
  4. Jarrod care to elaborate? :wink:
  6. wait until you get in & then get it done properly free of charge, i lost both my front teeth in an rta & the army paid for me to get them fixed properly (would have cost a few grand in civvy strassse).
  7. well its free to get it glued and thats only a temporary fix, i have been saving up to get it done properly its £4000 on civvy street! i was just worried the army would say they dont cover it.
  8. Colin is that you? I still think that knee was valid even in sparring.
  9. ha no im not a boxer i just live in essex!
  10. but you do enjoy being beaten around the ring. :?: 8O :?: 8O
  11. i dont like to be on the receiving end of a ring beating! im a giver not a receiver!

  12. You give blokes blow jobs with your gammy teeth out then?

  13. Wasn't that what Jarrod was getting at?
  14. Who said my tooth was gammy! slight harsh i think!
  15. i smashed both my front teeth on battlecamp. needed a root filling on one, and almost complete reconstruction on both. they were fixed by the army dentist at catterick and he done a really good job on them.

    so basiclly, let it come loose in basic, and they will fix it properly for you...