Fake eunuchs in scam

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hansvonhealing, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Why did I think of the NAAFI bar when I read this...

    Fake eunuchs held for black magic scam in India

    13 September 2006

    MUMBAI -Two men masquerading as eunuchs have been arrested after convincing Indian families to hand over money for ridding their homes of black magic, a report said Wednesday.

    The two men spent 15 days fleecing families in western Gujarat state before one of the victims complained to police that she had been hypnotised by the men, according to DNA newspaper.

    The 40,000-strong eunuch community in Gujarat has been enraged by “fakes” who muscle in on their begging operations, and a photo identity scheme has been started to try to regulate the business.

    “Two men dressed as eunuchs came to my home telling me to perform puja (an act of Hindu worship) to banish black magic from my home,” alleged victim Bhupendra Pandya told the newspaper.

    “I did not want to believe them but they hypnotised me. I gave them 3,600 rupees (78 US). Before leaving they gave me a sweet drink and told me my house was free from black magic.”

    Police have charged the two men, aged 30 and 40, with impersonation and cheating, the newspaper said.

    India’s estimated one million eunuchs, once the guards for the harems of India’s Mughal emperors, are now more likely to be shunned.

    They regularly barge into Indian weddings and blessings for new-born babies and leave only after collecting money.

    They are regularly seen begging at traffic junctions in major cities and depend on the sex trade to make a living.

  2. and depend on the sex trade to make a living???

    You'd think that would kinda give the game away that they ain't eunuchs wouldn't you?
  3. ...err, I think the article was talking there of the genuine eunechs...all 40,000 of them!
  4. Is being an Indian eunuch a hereditary job? What exactly do they photograph for the identity cards? Poses so many questions...
  5. I didn't think they'd have the balls... :oops:
  6. stops them selling the "big issue" over here though.
  7. Excuise my ignorance.. but WTF?? If the Eunuchs were last employed during the Moghul Emperors times, wouldn't that make them pretty damn old if not outright dead and gone? So where is this ' new crop ' coming from? Folks selling their kids into eunuchdom? Kids being snatched off the streets by ' backroom' eunuch shops? They have a union and uniforms?

    and as for sex.. I guess they can take it but they can't dish it out, so to speak...
  8. Know don't quote me but i think.....

    Eunuchs are usually gay men, homosexuality not been particularly acceptable of there. One way of 'coming out' is to become a eunuch and yes they are castrated! What a sacrifice ay!