Fake Britain - more polar bear antics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Last night I was intrigued to see Craig "I wanna be your polar bear" Colclough's mug gurning from my telly-box. As part of "Fake Britain" there was a segment on NHS/medical fraud and it was really terribly interesting to see how CC went about his deceptions.

    What was amazing was the cold-blooded, nerveless way he went about attempting to defraud his wife and to fool a TA Signal Regiment but then again horses for courses?! From the minute he warmly shook the COs hand and said he would be delighted to be 36 Signals RMO, he must have known that a clock was running down on discovery? Particularly as he had led them to believe he would be reactivated from RARO. Then again, he might have known that he could have had months to gamble with!

    The cruelty and arrogance aside, there was one scene in the segment that filled me with consuming anger. His bride should have known he was a fraud because the kilt and jacket/waistcoat he hired, obviously did not fit him well when he stood still but fit him even less well after a few "Heugh-haas!" and "cocking of the leg" dances. No gentleman would get marrried in a hired kilt surely? Yet if perforce he had to, he would hire one that f----g fit?