Fake Bomb detector

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MikeMcc, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. On BBC news website, apparently some barsteward in the UK has been selling glorified dowsing rods as bomb detectors!


    Takes some guts to sting the Iraqis for millions for them, but I hope they do catch up with him for dicking around with folks lives.
  2. Already been done
  3. "By Caroline Hawley and Meirion Jones"
    BBC Newsnight

    Caroline/Meirion, whoever you are on ARRSE it took you long enough to dig that story up from over on the Sappers Forum!!! how about a donation to Holidays 4 Heroes for quite obviously trolling ARRSE while trying to fill gaps in the BBC News?
  4. Sorry, I did try and use the search function, I was obviously using the wrong keywords.

    Besides, what sane person looks in the Sapper's forum...?
  5. Don't be too tough on Caroline Gundolph. If the rest of us had to rely on the way news is stored / reviewed and broadcast at the BBC, we'd just about be reporting that Bos was coming to an end!

    MikeMcc - I claim wah on the obviously stupid question you pose. Feel free to send the fiver to Help fo Heroes, etc!

    Yours aye
  6. Wind your neck in - some of us are trying to earn a living :twisted:
  7. That's quality.

    Why can't I invent some useless piece of shiite that will sell for millions?!?!
  8. Something Bowmanesque is probably the right area.
  9. Isn't it the same bit of kit supplied to TV licensing bods for "detecting TVs"? :twisted:
  10. And yet, not a single person bothered to test them? 8O
  11. "The Iraqi government has bought 1,500 ADEs from ATSC for a total of $85m. McCormick told the Times that he'd provided the ADE-651s for no less than $8,000 each - some $12m. The other $73m apparently went on training and "middlemen", the paper said."

    Ah yes. Of course.

  12. I tested this stuff a couple of years ago.It did not work.It's apparently derived from some equipment made by Germans-Sniffex.There have been rumours in Baghdad that certain MOI seniors benefitted from this sale.That is no surprise to me.
  13. Rumour has it that, Delboy was seen flogging snow to eskimos.
    £85million somebody has had a large portion of dry **** on this one.
  14. On Newsnight BBC2 right now, what a conning barsteward!