Faith schools - why do we allow discrimination?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tekirdag, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Why are faith schools (funded by the government) allowed to discriminate? We live in an era when no discrimination is allowed - be that by race, gender, creed, age or sexual orientation - but schools are allowed to discriminate by faith.

    Currently there is a huge debate in our Supreme Court regarding a Jewish school. The arguments are complex, but the school is being told that they cannot discriminate on race (bloodline Judaism), but they can discriminate on faith (observance Judaism).

    But why should a government-funded school school be able to refuse my children (as happened recently, a Catholic school this time) - despite that school being right next door to us - and yet accept children from another town in preference? And do so simply because my children did not go to the right church? So I pay for this school, through my taxes, but have no access to it whatsoever.

    Faith education is not helping a multicultural society, for it is intrinsically divisive. One group of kids will never see and mix with another group, because they will always be at different schools and different temples. And sometimes learning the sectarian hatred of their elders, in those government-funded schools.

    It is faith education that maintained the ghetto culture of Northern Ireland, and fanned the flames of the civil strife there - and faith based education will surely do the same to the rest of the UK.

    Yes, or no??

  2. If they didn't have any funding (or less funding than a normal state school) from the state and they maintained whatever the educational standard/role is, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

    Nothing will help a multicultural society as it only exist in a world of dreams.
  3. Ive got my kids in a faith school, its great, they dont have to mix with those who worship false Gods. Standard of education is better too as it hasn't been "enriched" and everyone speaks English! Nippers are in top groups and getting A Grades. No complaints.
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    We have to have faith schools so people like Tony B'Liar doesn't have to send his kids to common or garden and rubbish State schools… :wink:

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  8. once a school is allowed to discriminate on anything, be it faith or whatever... couldnt it lead to the more intelligent faithful kids being viewed as a little more faithful than their less intelligent peers... thus guaranteeing better results when those are the ones selected for places at the school
  9. Paradox is it not? :roll:

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  11. becouse we cant discriminate on their right to discriminate.
  12. Now I'm confused I thought the law had changed with regard to this. It's my understanding that faith schools have to take a percentage of children who are not of that faith but wish to go to the school. Admittedly it's a small percentage and I'm not sure whether you still have to be 'church-going just not necessarily of that faith' children. Of course the school can dictate whom they would accept....

    I presume there is an appeal process, have you appealed against the decision especially as the school is so close to you?
  13. Well as none of the kids seem to believe in God ... not really, its more important that they are educated in a mono cultural environment and my children learn all about their own family history at weekends when we visit the many splendid historical attractions in Northumbria.

    So important to fill in the deliberate gaps in the national curriculum dont you think?
  14. The law has changed, Faith schools do have to take children from other faiths.
  15. And we know which direction the wind will blow :roll: