Faith restored in British Politicians?

Unfortunately, it's probably all mouth and no trousers on this one. When we brought in this one we surrendered a veto over EU legislation in this area. If we remain in Europe (Howards avowed aim) then he won't be able to completely bin it, though he may be able to modify it in some way.
They are offering something to me.

At the moment I'm in the farcical situation that I would be better off finacely if I was unemployed, and spongeing off society.

However I don't really belive the conservatives are going to be better, but I ask my self, how can they be worse?

Finaly I don't fully trust Blair, and I prefer some one who isn't so cosey with the EU and Bush. While Bush and Blair where togeather IT seemed the Specail realtionship was Blair would ask for something and do what bush told him to.
We seem to hear an awful lot about human rights these days but not so much about social responsibilities. Maybe I'm getting old and crotchety (maybe?) but I find it very hard to get worked up about the dilution of the human rights of some scrote, who for example is demanding the human right to screw houses and cars and not be punished...
Yours aye
Genghis :twisted:
Primey said:
I wouldn't trust a tory since Maggie Thatcher.

The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer, need I say more...
Sorry, but article in the paper the other week showed that under labour that is even more true.