Faith restored in British Justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Welldone to the judge!
  3. I expect blairs wide mouth frog of a wife will be appealing on behalf of the scum as she will claim their human rights have been violated by locking them up.
  4. And taking a fair wack of legal aid for the priviledge! :roll:
  5. Will they be deported once they have served there terms (if they serve the full amount)
  6. The Judge has said that they should be deported once their respective sentences have been served!

    Mrs B-Liar will argue that they face persecution of some sort or another upon their return and will cite Britains signing of the EU Bill on Human Rights as grounds to give them a house, benefits, etc.
  7. Exactly Blackcat: "if"... Money on them getting parole? :evil:
  8. Yes these men will appeal against their sentence, and state money (yours and mine) will almost certainly be used. This is a basic safety measure in the criminal justice system. It’s the price of living in a democracy with the rule of law.

    As for the unfortunate young woman who was sold into the sex trade. Why do you think so many of these young women are trafficked to the UK? No it's not our soft justice system, nor our lax immigration laws. It’s because we in the UK have the biggest market for underage prostitutes in Europe and guys….. guess whose using them!
  9. If there is any justice in this and these pieces of sh1t serve their full sentences Mr and Mrs B-Liar will be nothing more than a bad memory.
  10. Err, not me. Nor the NHS, nor the police (well except the Crime Reference Numbers the nice civilian assistant gives out over the telephone), nor state funded education, nor will I end up drawing a state pension (by the look of things), nor Unemployment Benefit, nor... in fact it's easier to sum up and say that the local council, begrudgingly and in surly fashion, manage to empty the bins (sometimes without spilling the contents into my front garden).

    I don't see any of my taxes coming back - or going in useful directions like an increasing, or even stable :roll: , defence budget in an era of increasing military commitment. Lots seems to go to politicians that no-one trusts and most people don't care enough about to vote either in or out, though.

    As for it being the price of living in a liberal democracy, I can see that. I can also, despite my obvious bitterness above, understand the need for some theft, I mean taxation, for purposes other than defence (thank you Mr Hobbes), but who sets the rates paid to the lawyers that we, as tax payers, pay for? Could it, perhaps, be someone with a vested interest 8O ? However it is sorted out, they get paid just a little more than I do, and most others posting here, I suspect.
  11. Riojdc there are trafficked prostituites throughout europe of all ages
    and nationalities not just the uk .So you can hardly put uk down as top lot of perverts . Though its a shame customers of these girls could not be forced to relise what they are putting women through if not perscuted
  12. msr

    msr LE

    The judges seem to be on a roll:

    An asylum seeker who infected three women with HIV by having unprotected sex knowing he had the virus has lost his appeal against conviction

    Konzani is due to be deported to Malawi at the end of his sentence.

  13. Deportations live after the national lottery?????

    Am glad that those who abuse our hospitality are being tried, and deported.....trouble is......there's not enough of that happening.

    I still stand by the principle that we should offer sanctuary to those who are genuinely fleeing persecution, not those dodging parking tickets in some far flung dump of a country!
  14. I'll agree with that, are we in the right groove at last.
  15. As a healthcare worker I'm so fed up of telling people (and yes they were both white "British" women) don't shag people from countries where the HIV rate is 30-40%!!! (its actually about 60% in men of his age). Unless you live in a hermitically sealed box you cannot have failed to have heard that having sex with ethnic Africans from sub-Saharan Africa is like playing Russian roulette…. IF YOU DO IT YOU DESERVE TO DIE it really is that simple… if you say you have not heard this you are a LIAR!!!! Otherwise you are the sort of person who only ever bothers to read the Scum watch Corrie and Sky Sport….. in which case…YOU DESERVE TO DIE ANYWAY. I totally agree that this man should do his stir and be deported at the end. The women should just be deported to a square meter of the North Sea about half way between the UK and Norway….. “stupid thick bints”

    What depresses me the most is the court cases we will have to fight in the next few years from thick squaddies who will try to claim they didn’t know the dangers of shagging in Kenya, even though we give them a ****-off long brief and stick two jonnies in their hand when they leave the camp!

    Rant over!