Faith in my fellow Brits restored

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by devexwarrior, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. This morning I was in a well known supermarket in my home town. As I fished my card out of my wallet the lady behind the till saw my MoD 90. She asked if I had been anywhere lately and I replied no, but I am going to Iraq on Saturday (whch is indeed the case).

    She immediately stood up, took my hand in hers and said "Stay safe, I think about you all out there and I will keep you in my prayers" I thanked her and departed with a spring in my step and I admit, a little lump at the back of the throat.

    Points to note: I wasn't offended by here offer of a prayer (certain NHS trust take note).

    I have to admit-this simple exchange has rather made my day.
  2. Nice. Unfortunately your house will probably be burgled and your car torched whilst you are away.
  3. She didn't even offer you a shag? Pah, what's the world coming to?
  4. Was this woman of an older generation by any chance? The older generation have much more respect than my own. For instance I was in the limo to my grandfathers funeral last month when we drove past a group of old men, who never knew my granfather but they all stopped on the street and took off their hats and saluted the hearse with the coffin. Was a pretty memorable moment, which also brought a lump to my throat.

    Not many acts like the one you have had about these days, guess thats what makes random acts of kindness more special.
  5. When you get back from your 'holiday' and want a crate/bottle of wine from the same supermarket, and show your MOD 90, you'll prob get the opposite reaction.
  6. I spoke to one of the lads who end of toured yesterday and whilst enroute back to sunny Arbers he was at LHR and people wished him the best and their gratitude which warms the heart.
  7. You´ll find many, many people like this.... alas a Britishness has a tendency to keep such outbursts of support either private or low key. However, as we move forward, and the PC types remove our Britishness I do believe such outlets are becoming more and more common.

    Hopefully one day we´ll have cheering at the airports as the lads come through.
  8. You have just a few hours to give her a lump in the back of her throat, fella. Just mentioning it. Nice anecdote though and warms the heart of me old cockles.
  9. Travelling back to camp after Rememberence Sunday, i was in full rig and i had several good comments off members of joe public including a bus driver who let me on for free. People do support us, but a combination of Britishness and fear of being labelled racist, war-loving etc prevents them from showing it.
  10. A short while ago I dropped my wallet c/w cash, cards, MOD 90, driving licence etc in Devon Chav-Central (Plymouth city centre) around midday. After a rapid, but ultimately futile, re-trace of steps, I reported it to the bank and then the police and was enroute back to the in-laws, well hacked off, when my phone rang.

    On the phone was my mother in law. She asked could I go back to the police station as my wallet had been handed in.

    Back to the bizzy shop, collected my gear and the contact details of the good samaritan and initiated a charitable donation to his favourite charity.

    That restored my faith...................partially.
  11. Nice story, I'm sure the lady at the check out speaks for many. Stay safe.
  12. The press jump on the odd negative act just to push the outrage bus along a bit to sell papers and most of the time these acts are due to sheer ignorance or an inability to speak the Queen's english (and a lot of the time both together).
    Last time I got back off ops a relative held a close family gathering for me, which was a nice touch even if i was reluctant for the fuss. Inevitably we ran out of beer so a walk down to the off license was required. As the shop keeper was filling up the bags with booze he asked what the party was for, my brother then happened to tell him I had just got home from somewhere sunny. With this the shop keeper said the beer was on the house and he even threw in a bottle of champagne.
    A couple of days later i was catching up with a few mates out on the town. On the cab ride back home one of my mates told the cabbie the reason for our piss up which resulted in a free cab ride (worth over £30) and a warm shake of the hand from the cabbie.
    There have been other little instances aswell which tell me that your average joe on the street really does give a toss.
  13. devexwarrior

    I take it that your home town is that in which the Ship Inn is situated, if so in many ways all the more remarkable owing to the ethnic mix of the town, surprised that anyone working the tills dared to make such a public display of appreciation. Well done her.

    I take it that you went to the "Modern" by your avatar, an establishment I attended many years ago.

    Used to frequent the Ship myself, along with the Crown and Flower Pot on Tavistock Street and if I was being particularly foolhardy The Forrester's Arms which if my House master cared to look over the back wall from his study window he could have seen me quaffing a beer.

    If you did not attend the "Modern" and this is all gobbledygook please ignore me and have a safe tour.