Faith Fighters - Hours of fun to be had!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dazzer, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. excuse for being dumb but who is xenu?
  2. Why do they have to put a fcuking disclaimer on this for the muslims. It grips my shite , you can't even have a laugh these days for fear of upsetting the rag'eads.No body else cares if their reigeous leader has the urine taken out of him, maybe the Muslims would like to get a faith where the leader has a sense of humour FFS!!!!!!!!

    I'm off to lie down now.

    By the way , good fun that , thanks.
  3. guys I had one go was buddha and I kicked all thier arses - mohammed - he was particulary dog shit

  4. Yeah I know. I don't get why you're allowed to slag off someone's political beliefs as stupid, but not their religious ones. Surely both are simply subjective belief systems, based on opinion. At least we can see clear evidence of political systems, where religious beliefs are all based on far-fetched fairytales. "Honest, my god swallows the sun every night and spits it out in the morning, then he gives you presents in the winter if you're a good boy or girl".

    Great game by the way. I chose Allah and won the game on my first go. It must be my destiny to choose Islam and repel all you infidels! :twisted: (it's going to be a struggle getting the missus into a burqa though)
  5. Tom Cruise's special alien mate! Hope that's not a wah.
  6. god just laid the smack down on mohammed
  7. I played Budai and kicked everyone else's arrse in straight rounds. So it's true, belly is gonna get you!
  8. Thats cos Gods well harder than Allha whats his name.
  9. You haven't spent much time in the American South, have you? :D
  10. As Mohammed - I twatted God and the computer crashed! 8O

    Here are more games! Its an Italian firm by the look of it and there
    are games such as 'operation pedopriest' 'orgasm stimulator' and 'queer power' :evil:
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I, despite my better judgement (get it?) played Jesus. Stuck it to everyone, including fat-boy and Xenu big time. I ducked the arrows and nukes of misfortune, and won the day of days.

    Vengeance is mine, not your biatch!
  12. Ganesh rules of course. Noticed FSM himself flitted through.
  13. Ganesh got ruled by mohammed. Hmm, maybe a moral for india and pakistan there.