Fairytale in New York - PC Version

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaggyInBlack, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Have the Beeb gone really mad this time? They've been playing it for years fer fecks sakes with no problems.


    Fairytale Of New York Censored
    Updated:15:50, Tuesday December 18, 2007

    The mother of late singer Kirsty MacColl has branded Radio 1 "pathetic" for banning the word "faggot" from her hit Fairytale Of New York.

    Shane MacGowan & Kirsty MacCollThe words appear in a verse where she and co-star Shane MacGowan insult each other.

    "You're a bum, you're a punk, you're an old slut on junk, lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed," he says.

    "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot, Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it's our last," she replies.

    MacColl's duet with the Pogues star is heading up the charts again this Christmas.

    But Radio 1 has decided to bleep out the word "faggot" because it might offend listeners - sparking outrage from MacColl's mother, Jean.

    She told BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast the move was "pathetic" because the language reflected the characters it describes.

    "Today we have a lot of gratuitous vulgarity and 'f****** and whatever' from people all over, which I think is quite unnecessary. But these are characters and they speak like that," she said.

    "It's like a play and it's very amusing and sad, and it's a great song."

    Founder of gay rights group OutRage Peter Tatchell told Sky News online that it was all a "bit of a storm in a teacup".

    "Obviously the song was not intended as a major hate campaign against the gay community," he said.

    But Mr Tatchell pointed out that the BBC would have bleeped out a racial insult and so had taken the right decision.

    Fairytale Of New York has been covered by more than 10 different bands since it first hit top spot in Ireland in 1987.

    In 2000, Ronan Keating and Maire Brennan caused controversy when they changed the sentence "you cheap lousy faggot" to "you're cheap and you're haggard" in their cover version.

    MacColl died at the age of 41 the same year when she was hit by a speedboat while diving during a holiday in Mexico.
  2. Today is the 7th anniv of Kirsty's death.
  3. The amusing thing is that Radio 2 are playing the full, unedited version and are mercilessly taking the pish out of radio 1 about it!!
  4. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Radio 1 is pish anyway and this just confirms it. PC gone mad again - what a bunch of arrse. T*ossers.
  5. Radio 1 will however play shite like Gangsta rap.

    And although not shite, "Smack my bitch up" by the Prodigy must be slightly more offensive than this.

    Good on Radio 2 for playing it in full, all day. Even Jeremy Vine!
  6. Can't see the problem.


    What next? Not allowed to mention Brussel Sprouts in fear of offending those dull little people who live on the Autobahn between Germany and England?
  7. And as FMoP correctly stated. It is 7 years ago, today, that Kirsty was killed in Mexico by a speedboat being operated in a swimmers only area.

    Tomorrow I will be watching Shane sing the song live.
    I wonder what lyrics he will sing?
    If he remembers them of course!

    RIP Kirsty, I shall raise a glass tonight and tomorrow for you.

  8. What, like all the Gansta rap hip hop shite that seems to be the staple of Radio 1?

    Hardly suprising the BBC has taken this stance. Its run by a bunch of poofters and nonces.
  9. I'm a scumbag, shall I complain and make them change that line too?!
  10. I wonder when they will be banning "White Christmas"?...white for the obvious and CHRISTmas just in case it offends the Muslims!!!!
  11. Obviously Peter, you imbecile. It is using a word that has been in use for donkeys within the English language. It isn't always about the you, you know. FFS.

    The definitions of Faggot.
    So basically just because homosexuals have decided this word offends them we can't use it? That offends me. It is a word in the English language, and it meant other things in the past.

    Just like the word Gay used to mean happy. Not homosexual.

    I assume Peter of Outrage will also be banning the word Queen in the National Anthem? That will sound good "God save our gracious BLEEEEEP!!" Seeing as Queen is also a term of homosexuality now adays.

    Or perhaps I will be picked up by the thought police for planting Pansies in my garden?

    Storm in a teacup? How about a blow for common sense and saying "why the fcuk are Radio 1 doing this, it is barking?"

    Here's another analogy.. This country has going to hell in a hand basket.

    It is like the imbecilic morons who banned "baa baa black sheep" and Golly wogs. Fcuking oversensitive idiots the lot of 'em.
  12. The dear old beeb, after they went to the effort of censoring out Gibsons dog's name nigger from the Dambusters within a few weeks they showed Pink Floyd The Wall
    in the background of which is the scene where an airman repeats the phrase
    "Its Nigger sir, he's dead sir"

    At least they are as consistent as the rest of the establishment :roll:
  13. Annoyed the fek out of me when I heard the story this morning.
    Each week over this year we have heard tales of yoofs being gunned down one the mean streets of this nation, or stabbed. So you would have thought that all refs to guns and gangs and violence would go in the same way as the lyrics to this great Xmas song..... but no.
  14. Hey, thinking back, whenever Radio 1 ban anything, it tends to get more airplay everywhere else.

    Win/win for Mrs MacColl and family. ;)

    I suggest we all write into Points of View with Barry Took (is it still on?) and complain at every word ever mentioned by the BBC. In fact, British Broadcasting Corporation offends me. Its elitist.

    'British' is offensive to non British people. Its not inclusive enough.
    'Broadcasting' is offensive to shy, deaf people. Its akin to bullying.
    'Corporation' is offensive to feudal farming non-Impeiralistic Hamster farmers.