Fairey Combat Support Boat

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BARN, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I am ex REME looking for information regarding the operation and servicing of the old Combat Support Boats. My company has just purchased one of these (in what looks like day-glo orange) to use as a small work boat / tug.

    Any manuals that could be provided (for a donation to Hols4Heroes) would be greatly appreciated. Also any stories of what to do or more likely what not to do would be handy...

    I have found some videos on the web, YouTube - UltraJet Propulsion in USMC Bridge Erection Boat



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  2. I will have a dig in the loft to see if I have anything left CSE notes wise, loved playing with these boats, it can go from full speed to a dead stop within its own length, daily checks on grease levels in the water jet drives needed else things would go horribly wrong
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I thought they ,the 8mtr Combat support tug were originally built by Allday Aluminum of Gosport in the 1970s I believe Fairy later took them over and they might still be in business

    is this it

    these people just might be able to help you
    The Fairey Owners Club

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  4. Thank you for the replies, the performance shown in the video is impressive (I know it is from across the pond but I assume ours were similar).

    Not sure who built ours but the survey said the year was 1971 which is odd, as the prototype was delivered in 1977.

    How do they handle in choppy conditions, ours will be used in Scapa Flow which can get bumpy for a boat of this size?
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I had a cabby in one in East Cove in the FI and found it a pretty good sea boat, managed to get a few fishing trips in it and it was great in quit a big swell, I only recently sold my Benetau Antaries 22' FFB due to my health miss it like f@ck
  6. Barn PM me your email, I've found a couple of bits but not much, I will scan them for ya
  7. Cheers darkstone, had this boat for a while now and getting used to it, took it out yesterday and near soiled myself as the water started coming in the front of the cab in some choppy seas...

    Anyone with any good tails about these boats?

    Apparently they don't like having their buckets smashed against the quayside, you live and learn (must pay more attention to the forecast!) Thank god for good welders, oh and ultra dynamics still do the parts at a price.

    Should never have bought a boat called Horace.

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