Fairbairn-Sykes knife

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Are these still issued?

    Oh and while we're at it what about this:

    Bit of an airsofter's wet dream. Anyone seen one in service? Seems a bit over the top to me!
  2. I bought a FS many, many years ago, when I was unjustifiably proud of my green beret, and promptly snapped the tip off. I had it ground to a bluntish point, replaced the handle with black nasty and used it as a letter opener. I have commented on another thread that, in my opinion, that is what it is best at, never having had to stab anybody.

    However, I always intended to get another, so when the 'desert' one came out, I bought one - but with the intention of using it, once again, as a paper knife.

    Actually, the khaki one is identical with my original black one - they are both poorly made. The blade is unevenly bevelled, not symmetrical and not true in the handle. Also, it has been sharpened in a very inadequate fashion. The handle itself is cast and the moulding marks are crudely ground.

    Nevertheless, I am glad I bought it - it is an icon and a link with men braver than I am. It also opens letters with ease.
  3. "totally sanitised" = has no manufacturers markings 'cos its cheap shite made in China.

    I'm no knife fetishist, but I can't help noticing that crate-loads of "sanitised" black F-S chinese copies are being flogged off at as little as £4 each. Obviously a glut of the things, so marketing has come up with a few "secret" models...
  4. I fear you may be right.
  5. Who comes up with this sanatised crap anyway? If mr bad guy survives his secret base being blown up .Even if he dosent find any uk forces kit lying around or knives sticking out of sentries .He is going to have a pretty good idea who did it .And just bleat to the media who will
    have hm government hun drawn and quarted before the boys are back in blightly.
    So those desert knives are rubbish pitty wanted a nice letter opener
    and its so waltish couldnt possible put it on webbing where i might have cut my finger with it.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Hey Ex-Stab. You been looking at the SASS web site?

    Actually I have 2 of the things. A rather rough WW2 issue and one from the first Gulf.

    Bit of a dangerous thing to be caught with even on MoD property as it's not a tool but a weapon like the SLR bayonet used to be classed IIRC.

    Survival knife or Golok OK, bayonet no. ??
  7. Visited the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield many moons ago. They had some fine examples on display to include commemorative ones! For myself, I always thought that the clasp knife was better made and that you could do more with it. Hey, really good for getting stones out of your horses hoof, failing that, punching a hole in a can of condensed milk. :numberone:
  8. On the subject of knives and stuff, just before Christmas, a company called Farnell was selling Gerber Suspension multi tools for the knock down price of 23 quid.

    I got one and it is real quality. Have a look on their website, or the website of their sister company Buck and Hickman. Not sure if they still have any but it is worth a punt.
  9. Just had a look, they have them for £35........ still an excellent bit of kit for that amount of money.

    For the daft amongst you, or the Gren*diers, just google Buck and Hickman, then type Gerber suspension into their search box.
  10. Yes I bought a very good jacket off them and saw these advertised. I'm quite minded to buy one of the ex Navy ones. I have no need for it at all but it is a classic bit of kit. I have a collection (if it could be called that) of odd bits of hardware such as a Bosun's whistle that was passed on in the family, a WWII compass that my Great Uncle took off a German Officer, A sea chest that's been handed down. I do a bit of shooting and have a Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle and have the bayonet and the right sling for it. An antique shop near us has some Zulu Assegeis and I quite fancy one of those. It's not all military kit, I've got some classic binoculars and survey equipment. I found a beautiful tank cutting tool on a junk stall at a local market - it's obsolete compared with the modern tools I have to do the same job but it's beautifully made and finished. What they all have in common is that they're interesting bits of top quality equipment.
  11. I never cared for the handles on the last versions of the fairbairn sykes. They tend to just slip out of your hand if you not careful when they covered in liquid and no where near the quality of those with the chequered handles that have the proper balance to them.

    Of course its rather pointless as almost anything but a fighting knife or very light duty.