Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tubbs1970, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. I want one. Well, another...

    Have an original (i think) Fairbairn-Sykes, and would like to add a new one for field use. Been REME i must admit it will be primarily a big boys toy, but i still want one!

    Any advice please? Is it still the recommended design?
  2. I looked into these at one time, there were some late sixties/ early 70's RN marked ones that came on the market and I was pondering getting one as a curio, I collect odd bits of militaria that take my fancy. As a knife for use in the field it seems rather impractical. Good for stabbing people to death but not much use for anything else.

    Classic design mind.

    Having researched them a bit I came to the conclusion that all bar the original mark one batch were not really that well made and certainly didn't embody the characteristics the designers had in mind. Some current production is particularly gash from what I understand.

    Here's the thread from a couple of years back:
  3. A REMF with a commando dagger in his hand (vs. on his left shoulder).... I feel much safer now - Now that I'm not on the same continent.
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  4. Touch harsh there canader, is there such a thing as a Remf in this day and age?

    I've got a Fairburn- Sykes knife, date stamped 1942, was first issued to an Army Commando who used it in Normandy, he slotted a German soldier with it, poor fcuker was having a shave at the time apparently, it was then handed down to my father who in turn handed it to me. The PRI shop (or whatever it's called today) at Lympstone sells them, they're probably available on line somewhere.

    I must question why you want one though, there fcuking shite at anything apart from killing people which is what they're designed for, I've seen many wonderful things hanging off peoples belt kit, kukris, axes, saws etc, get yourself something useful, if not use the extra space and weight available for some important stuff like garlic salt, madras powder and mixed herbs.
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  5. My bold

    Didn't know that underwater knife fighting was part of the spanner strangler's course!
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Does anyone else find that when carrying the Fairbairn between your teeth, the sharp double edge chaffs your lips a bit?

    For serious mouth carrying antics I've always found the K-Bar to be far superior. I think even Rambo had one so they must be good.
  7. I thought that Rambo had a custom made Gil Hibben knife, and a lot longer than a K bar, and I am not a Rambo fan but I have been to the World Blacksmith and Cutler championships and watched the experts make some very impresive knives
  8. no rambo used some custom bfokbeing a spam and somewhat of a poseur (must be hard to get a perm in the field:)

    sass were selling some desert commando daggers awhile ago ooh shingy even more useless tat :twisted:
  9. you mean this "Everyday" military working knife ?
  10. FFS It aint got a bottle opener

    The only knife I evere found usefull, The Swiss Army "Mauser"

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  11. you mean this "Everyday" military working knife ?[/quote]
    but its got molle attachements :D something I could hang off my camelback :twisted:
    upset my manager who was worried about my pocession of a"weaponlike "leatherman :?