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Anyone here a fundi on old books and prices ?

I picked up a first edition of W.E. Fairbairn's "All-in Fighting" and wondered if it was worth much.
Not thinking of selling it on as it's just an interesting piece in the militaria collection.
Is it the one with B/W demonstration pictures of 'naked roll mat fighting with 'pointy' commando daggers..??..if so best PM Jarrod or post on the RM site rather than here....
Mr_Deputy said:
Funny I am reading Bernard Fergusson's Beyond The Chindwin and one of this men wishes to teach the ranks how to fight, using the Fairburn techniques. Fergusson being an officer, has already given way in that Wingate has told them that Officers must run with the men not walk - if he wishes to fight the Japs and win.
He repeatedly dismisses the request the train the men and calls Fairburns books something along the lines of 'a particulalry nasty/evil book written by some ex-policeman from Singapore.' He actually takes pleasure in stopping the NCO from starting instruction to much frustration. (I am only beginning the book so maybe he gives way later and it its taught to the men.) Calling it ungentlemanly. The NCO insists that neither the Japs nor Hun fight with honour hand-to-hand so the men should be prepared to fight any way they can if they are to survive. Fergusson wont hear of it. Shows the strange stiff attitude that many young officers had towards 'modern' warfare at that time.
Many didn't like the Thomson SMG as it was seen as a "gangster" weapon!

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