How fair is this....  Person 1 passes colloquial german and stays at that level.    Person 2  pushes a bit and reaches a higher level in the language.  Person 1's german gets better through practice and is eventually  speaking german at a higher level than when he took the test.   When Person 1 goes back to the AEC to pick up his £50 for re-qualifying at colloquial level as he is permitted to do(every three years I think) he finds the test easy and obviously passes.  Person 2 would also finds the test easy but is excluded from getting his £50 'cos he has a higher qualification.....  Okay, I can live without £50 every three years but that ain't the point....  AGAI re-write needed....  


I agree,
I wish the Army took advice from someone smarter than me who said:

"Regulations are for the guidance of wise men, but the blind obidience of fools."

Trouble is, money is involved, no-one wants to mess up around money - except my Mess Treasurer!

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