Fair-weather golfers, for the use of....

It's just another training aid for Army/RAF/Navy/CS golfers. Probably a pittance compared to dedicated training facilities for a plethora of sports. Indoor gyms, rugby scrum machines, strips, equipment.

Non-story really
I always treat these stories with a degree of skepticism. As we know there are many funds for many situations of which we've all benefitted.

The reference to the cutting of personnel is the only way the paper could make it minutely newsworthy.
I'm outraged.I pay £310 for a years golf,Monday to Friday,Senior Citizen's rate, I'm hopeless and not even in RAF!
The U.S. Department of Defence owns and operates some 200 golf courses around the world at an average cost of $500,000 each to maintain per annum. We're cheapskates by comparison.
On the face of it, what's the difference between that and paying for a week in North Wales rock climbing for a group of soldiers or bob sleighing, skiing etc.

Golf is not just a popular game knocking a ball around. It's good exercise and promotes team building and if they have any success in the tournaments they enter, the RAF gets the kudos from it by being seen as a modern employer looking after it's staff.

It seems to me that it will also save money for the RAF by having the one centre for practice. £14000 is also not that much money in the grand scheme of things.

For the money, I suppose they could have retained an airman to run around the golf course picking up the balls and chucking them back at them but could he or she have kept up on a busy day. :)

I'm not a golfer by the way but I see the sense in this.
I have no problem with this facility if, and its's a big if, it was genuinely available to all arms/ranks and proved to be so. But I doubt it. How quickly will a junior rank be told "Sorry not available to, it's booked by ......[enter your team/senior rank of choice]". And can you imagine an OC's response in these days of under-manning, to a junior rank asking for time off to go and practice - especially if said junior has to travel from Hampshire/Devon/Scotland?

And knowing the RAF's track record on spending money on facilities, I reckon this makes Cranwell a goner in the next round of station closures.

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