Fair weather bikers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, May 9, 2006.

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  1. A little while ago I was involved in a dummy chucking contest with among others the_guru with reference to riding bikes (or scooters) and how that in my opinion those that only ride them in the summer are puftas!

    Well it appears I may have been premature in this statement, being as how I had only ridden in shite weather, rain, snow, hail you name it I have this year risked my life on my little 125 piaggio to get to graft. However, today was different,
    glorious absolutely fantastic weather and herein lies the drama,

    Its Woman, hundreds of them, wearing next to frig all! I nearly came of my bike, stunners everywhere I’m not sure if there is something in the air today or what but my God there were everywhere. So,

    I offer a full and frank apology to all you wanabee bikers out there who only ride in the summer, you are all awesome riders and the skills you show in riding and leaching are something I hope one day to learn from you all especially if you make it to work without getting whip-lash caused by spinning your head round to stair at a goddess in lycra power walking along the high street!
  2. Your scraping apology is, of course, accepted. But I would like to reiterate that I am NOT a fair weather biker.
  3. No of course not i wasn't saying your a fair weather rider, just that you coincidentally only ride when the weather is fair, how's that? :lol:
  4. Believe me my dear little horizontally challenged one, If you'd have been at the GP last year, you would know all about wet weather riding. I actually enjoy it, as it teaches you to be smooth on the throttle and brakes.
  5. Sounds fair.
  6. Was nice today just got my scooter finished and rode it up the A6 to get it's MOT lovely riding it down to Newquay on Friday then off to do lands ens-John o Grotes works out about 1700 mile round trip. But what is it with some of the fair weather leather joy boy riders act like pr1cks when they see a scooter on the road ...knobheads
  7. im a fair weather biker and couldnt give 2 hoots what anyone says about it! fair does folk use thier bikes to commute and get to work on, i dont, i use mine for the pleasure of going fast and getting my power ranger suit on as and when i can should the road be dry...

    As i have Supercorsas fitted, and they are cut slicks, id be fairly silly to go out in anything but dry weather anyways? i have never understood the issue with folk declaring they are all weather bikers, slagging off fair weather bikers etc etc and im not ashamed at my above statement.

    if i wanted to carry my pack lunch id fit a top box, as would i wear my lumi vest if i wanted to pretend im working on the roads or im a truck driver.

    respect to the guys that ride in all weather, and u have good skills no doubt, but u aint going hell for leather every day getting ready for a shift in argos are u?

    were all bikers at the end of the day, i just choose not to get piss wet thru for the fun of it... oh, and i have no lights, so id be illegal.
  8. Funny you should mention that!

    But just recently i have noticed an increasing amount of blokes on bikes giving me the nod of respect! now i know technically i dont deserve it but i nod back and it makes me happy for a mile or two.
  9. Yeah get the odd nod from some bikers had a bit of a chat with one yesterday when waiting for the MOT it's the ones who only come out in the sunshine think they own the road come up and start giving you wanka gestures ect that I'm talking about.
  10. my attitude has always been to give a nod to anyone who rides after all we have to deal with same four wheeled morons whether you ride a honda 50 or one of those big lumbering oil spurting spam tractors. as for those who ride only during the summer months i think it makes sense, i only rode year round when i couldn't afford to run both and just had a bike.
  11. I've ridden my bike in everything short of falling snow and regularly used to travel from Belfast to Birmingham on my bike all year round. I no longer have any need to travel by bike in poor weather so i don't. I don't even go out on it on hot sunny days, coz if there one thing worse than being on a bike in miserable weather it's waiting till the temperature gets to 25C then encasing 91% of your body (using the burns 'rule of nines') in leather and stuffing the other 9% in a helmet. My bike is now a toy and not a tool, as such I'll use it when I want to, not when I need to.

    When you pull on your lid and press the start button, we're all bikers - even the people that ride scooters and Harleys - and as such I don't discriminate against any of them. Anyone who leaves their tin-box behind and takes to two wheels deserves respecting as an equal; if you want to pour scorn on someone try "people who buy convertibles but never drive with the roof down".
  12. I must admit I don't od to scooter riders, but thats because of the high proportion of Chavs. I differentiate between them and the traditional scooterists on their 40 yo Lammys and Vespas, fair do's to them and I've had some great nights at scootering do's. My ex Mrs had the dubious honour of being the No1 for the Forum Gladiators. Bikers need to realise that Quadrophenia was made 25 years ago and the Mods/Rockers thing is a thing of the past. If Valentino Rossi can ride a scooter, then it's good enough for me.
  13. Agreed with you on that! The scooter I'm attempting to do Le-jog on was made 45 years ago 8O just hope it gets there :D
  14. I ride all year as a commuter but would not go out for a burn when the weather is crap. So I would consider myself a fair weather biker that's forced to ride in rain, snow and twice ice (not nice getting back from a TA night on frozen snow. As for Bikes vs. Scooters had a Suzuki GSX F which disappeared under a bus 4 years ago. For 4 years I used my Mums old Vespa now I have just bought a Triumph ST which I love riding but the commute is only 5 mins shorter and have to wear full leathers also when traffic is a bit heavier the nimbleness of the scooter wins hands down. But I would never take the scooter out for a burn.
  15. Talking of giving the nod to other bikers...I rode a Yam 600 and then a Triumph ST and I always gave the necessary aknowledgement to any other bikers. I noticed however that when I acknowledged the young lads on their 125s they were dead chuffed to be 'accepted' by a bigger bike rider and yet the group that always ignored you or purposefully looked the other way in disgust were the one piece leather wearing sports bike riders...why this utter arrogance for other bikers?