Fair Play for Murdering Multiple Rapist


A paedophile and multiple rapist who fled from custody in Poland to enter England as an illegal immigrant was told yesterday that he would die in prison after being convicted of murdering a 12-year-old girl in London.

Andrejez Kunowski, 48, who had convictions for 17 rapes, eight attempted rapes and one attempted murder in Poland, evaded British immigration authorities for six years after a Polish judge allowed his release for an operation.

Despite being arrested twice by British immigration officers, he was released each time and simply got "lost", the Old Bailey heard
And regarding the testimony of a witness (an earlier victim) for the prosecution


But while she waited with her mother in a private room at the Old Bailey, the Common Serjeant of London, Judge Peter Beaumont, decided after hearing legal submissions that her evidence was too prejudicial.
Too prejudicial? 8O

Fair deal for everybody in Bliar's touchy feely utopia. It would be most unfair if the jury needed further convincing that Andrejez Kunowski should die screaming.
Very sad that this cnut was allowed to enter this country. I can't begin to imagine the thoughts in that young girls head as he squeezed her throat. I don't know what the prisons are like in Poland towards perverts and sex cases, but he's in for a rollar coaster ride over here. A good slapping now and again (or worse) will keep him on his toes for however long he's allowed to live.
Send him to Colly or Chelmsford. I could have a few words with a few people and he would definitely not be in for an easy time there :wink:


he aslo has a dicky ticker maybe it can be good to make him run a lot from a beating , mm all that fat churning round his heart something will have to give :twisted:

This country's legal system has got as far up its own arse as it is possible to be. We can't have victims give evidence because it might be prejudicial??

Un fcuking beliveable!! :evil:
And afer yesterdays resignation of the Immigration Minister after it was revealed that these false application scams have been going on for years, how many other dodgy fcukers are out there? Not to mention the out-and-out crims, druggies, etc?
We don't need bigger prisons, we need smaller ones, underground, with no lights or sanitation.
Mediaeval conditions, in fact.
I still say an Prison exchange programme with Turkey or the Ukraine could work as an effective deterrent... Hard **** rape three times nightly might put these fcukers off for a bit...
stake him out at the 800metre point on the next stab range weekend only iron sight allowed though might take him weeks to die :twisted:
or musketry improves either way its a winner :twisted:
Join the TA you can slot nonces bring loads of recruits in :twisted:

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