FAIR dungeons warning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. FAIR dungeons warning

    THE need to move on and have the worst atrocities of our troubled past dealt with is, according to William Frazer, the Chairman of FAIR, an important motivating factor in his life. Mr Frazer spoke this week of what he believes are “dungeons of death” in six locations throughout South Armagh where, he says, the IRA tortured victims before murdering them.

    “We have raised this issue before and were always told by police that an investigation would be pointless since it would be impossible to find evidence so far down the road from the event.” He said.

    “We know that the police, the army and the Gardai know the locations and now the investigation on the island of Jersey is proving that forensic evidence remains intact a long time into the future,” said the FAIR chairman.

    Mr Frazer went on to point out his belief that members of the Roman Catholic community suffered more than the Protestant community as a consequence of what went on in the places of torture.

    “If we do not establish the locations and exactly what happened, history will be incomplete,” he insisted.

    “People need to have closure on these events and for that to happen they need justice and truth.

    “That truth may be uncomfortable for those attempting to magic away the crimes of the IRA but for the victims and indeed for future generations we must seek it out.”
  2. Good luck to him, but I am doubting anything will be unearthed, so to speak.

    Isn't he the one tried to organise that arsinine 'Love Ulster' march?
  3. This is not in the public interest ( for public read politico's interests ) and as such has about as much chance of being opened up as Gordon
    Brown has of talking sence.
  4. You are right about that. Their attitude is, let sleeping dogs lie.
  5. So why bother with the Bloody Sunday enquiry then ??
  6. I would guess it depends on which side said dogs are lying.