Fair do's to him!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chasndave, Jul 25, 2010.

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  2. Much respect for both him and the guy who employed him, co incidentally there was an article on our local tv news about a lady who had advertised for staff for her shop for 3 months with NO takers, standard hourly rate, nice working environment, interviewing locals in the street the standard response centered around " not worth coming off benefits, for that money ".
  3. Paging Whet!*

    (*When he Whakes up)
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  4. You're a wicked man, Semper_Flex! :D

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Oi larf, oi larf
  7. Same dynamics in America now as well. Just extended the "temporary" unemployment benefits again and without any money in the till to pay for it. When Do You Stop Extending Unemployment Benefits? - Business - The Atlantic

    Simultaneously, our wise masters continue their apparent ideological vendetta against those who can provide jobs since those real jobs compete with the dead end phony gobment "jobs" provided by the "stimulus" (census taker--for a census that comes every 10 years)

  8. Well done both the guy and the chap who gave him a job!
    Thought it was this guy first tho! :- YouTube - Yosser Hughes - Gizza Job - Boys from the Blackstuff
    Good old Yosser Hughes from "boys on the blackstuff"
  9. Here's a bloke in East London who claims he is too fit to work. A martial arts and fitness fanatic, who claims to get free Wing Chun lessons off a master.


    He seems to forget that even olympic competitors have to earn a crust when they are not taking part in their chosen sport. Never thought of becoming a personal trainer? BTW, I very much doubt his wing chun lessons are completely free. His master may well have him cleaning the gym, in order to pay for his training, or get him instructing a group of youngsters/beginners in the art.
  10. There does seem to be plenty of work around, I have two zero-hours contracts and do machine maintenance on an ad-hoc basis for a couple of small engineering businesses. I intended to do 15-20 hours a week in my semi-retirement and can easily double that when they get on their knees and plead. I think the costs and liabilities of employing someone put smaller concerns off and I am surprised that there aren't more self-employed engineers/fitters out there working like a lot of plumbers and sparkies do.
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  11. 'They should also work out a system that enables fit people to be free of everyday work if they are tied down in a boring job such as customer service or retail.

    Yes the Auschwitz business model has been severely criticised in recent years .

  12. Or have him tasting something.
  13. This is our future of jobs when bots take over all the decent paying ones.
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  14. There is no need to lower the tone like that, eodmatt. I am perfectly capable of doing that myself.
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