Fair and Equal Treatment Under The Law..

OOH.. the big day has arrived.. Wacko Jacko is in court to' oversee' the jury selection process in his big case.. 750 prospective members of his ' peers ' are being whittled down by judge, prosecutors and defending mouthpieces to 12 men, good and true, plus eight alternates..[ trial is planned to take 6 months!!]

Case is being heard in Santa Maria as the Hollywood/L.A. venue was deemed too volatile...[ gee ]..

Well, in the fair and democratic process of America where you're innocent until proven guilty, the media is already measuring Jacko's future accomodations for the drapes. Seems he'll be sent to Wasco State Prison [ population 6,100 guests of the state ].. where, prison officials say he'll spend 90 days to 6 months being ' assessed ' before moving to a stable prison environment.

A typical townsperson, in a man-on-the-street- interview, had a different view.

" ...He deserves to hang.."

another concerned citizen commented: " If you put him in a general prison population, holy mackeral, they'd wear him out in a night.... But, they'll probably put him in some sort of Martha Stewart summer camp surrounding and see he gets his makeup and clean shirts delivered. "

200 fans paraded outside the courthous offering encouragement to the Pop Star with such signs as " France Supports MJ!! " always comforting..

this is going to be bigger thatn O.J.'s go round but without Johnny Cochrane's jiving and skipping to enliven things up..

As an aside,..I hear that Robert Blake is thinking of hiring some publicists so that his murder trial gets its fair share of media coverage as he'd hate to lose ratings on US TV...
I say let him have his day in court, if he is guilty then he should serve his time (although i do suspect he will get a light sentence)

innocent till proven guilty.
Its all a money sketch.

I don't think wacko did the kiddy fiddling but I do think he is not right in the head that some where he is still a 10yr old boy at heart.

Maybe this trial will make wacko see sense to stop hanging out with kids like he should of have after the "93" trial.

I heared wacko's lawyer was going to claim racisim. But don't think its right the same lawyer from the 93 trial is up against jacko this time.

What ever happens both parties will get what they deserve.
Anya1982 said:
Its all a money sketch.
I heared wacko's lawyer was going to claim racisim. But don't think its right the same lawyer from the 93 trial is up against jacko this time.
Racism against him as a black bloke or as a white bloke? Man's a freak, but may not be a kiddy fiddler - might help his case if he hadn't paid off people for similar allegations before though?
Just saw a quality quote from a black guy (think it was Ru Paul) at dinner time

"Only in america, can a black boy grow up in abject poverty, become famous, make millions and become a megastar, and be tried for being a dirty middle aged white man!" :twisted:
Claim to fame ... nearly met the 'guy once.

He'd hired the Guildhall in Londonfor a huuuge function along the lines of a St George's dinner. His record company (IIRC Columbia/CBS) organised everything, and their reps were swarming around.

Anyway, turned up and did the usual. As the platters with side of Roast Beef entered (to we whifflers & pigskin slashers playing Roast Beef of Old England), the assembled guests /hangers-on clapped along, gradually picking up the beat. They then laughed as they realised we were playing in some well-cooked offerings rather than MJ - who, of course, is vegetarian (perverse enough behaviour in itself).

After paying due respects to the RB (".... English Ale, and make haste to serve us all", followed by the 'Point of War') we marched out to the British Grenadiers. Downstairs for a pie & pint, then on with capes for a tab back through the City to Armoury House.

As we were leaving, we saw MJ in the main courtyard on a white horse, being entertained by RE band (sorry if it was REME). A CBS rep tried to stop us leaving, but I was awfully polite, stressing other commitments.

It was only later in the 'Hype' that someone regaled those present with my parting shot, which was actually along the lines of "The only Black body and white head I want to meet this evening is a pint of Guinness". The CBS nearly died of shock!.

RIP Roger, ex-IJLB, ex-CG, ex-HAC. Damned fine Drummer.
Racisim for being black. Even though he is like 99% white now!

Question is, is his willy black?


he ahs had a bad child hood. Watch a thing on TV with his parents on sunday and his dad admitted to beating Wacko
stoatman said:
How do you know it's time for bed at Neverland? When the big hand touches the little hand... :twisted: Aah, the old ones are the greatest!
rumour has it that happens at least once an hour. 8O

My, they must be well rested there. :twisted:
Stop picking on him you beasts. He's a well balanced 40 year old man. Just ask Bubbles.

He's just unlucky that's all and if it wasn't for his God like status none of this would be an issue. OK so he dangled a kid dangerously over a high rise balcony and he admitted to Martin Bashir that he shared his bed with kids; but that doesn't make him bad does it?

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