Failure to sing the national Anthem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mgmaniac, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. I am not a football person but was horrified to find, at least, one member of our UK team not singing the National Anthem. The coach is a foreigner so perhaps one can forgive him, but it is my belief that those who are there to represent the UK masses should "Wave the Flag" and sing the Nati
    onal Anthem. Perhaps it is about time the Mafia showed their disregard for some of these "stars" by placing their Wang in an appropriate place
  2. He is a Catholic.
  3. People who live in a free society should have the right to sing or not sing the national anthem.

    However, in this case they probably didn't know the words - it's not as if the last government wanted people to be patriotic - I mean supporting the UK and especially England would be considered rascist - don't ya know! :wink:
  4. Its the UK National Anthem but a solely English team my dear boy.

    But it is shocking that we here in my part of Belfast sing the Anthem in the bar at the end the night, yet some pre-madonna's can't sing it when representing their country.
  5. "Horrified" at not singing the national anthem? Seriously a little perspective here, who cares, it's not like he torched the flag in the middle of the pitch while simultaneously screaming for the monarchy to be beheaded.

    Capello applauded the end of the anthem anyway if that in any way soothes your near state of apoplectic rage?
  6. And your point is? :?

    I'm Catholic, but also English - and I'm still proud to sing the National Anthem. 8)
  7. 1. They are representing England and not the United Kingdim.
    2. For some reason, the Anthem used by the England team is the National Anthem of Great Britain.
    3. "Perhaps it is about time the Mafia showed their disregard for some of these "stars" by placing their Wang in an appropriate place " WTF?
  8. I agree mgmaniac, I believe any player not singing the national anthem should be hung, drawn and quartered, their offspring and womenfolk should also be sacrificed to please the gods, so they might look kindly on us and aid us in our next endeavours against the dreaded Hun.
  9. I too would like to have seen them singing the National Anthem (if I had bothered to watch the game).
    However, I have a close friend who played Rugby League for Great Britain. I once had a go at him for not singing the anthem and he told me he was so nervous about the game (against Australia and he scored the winning try) that he couldn't raise enough spittle to sing and completely forgot the words anyway.
    BTW even though they are England, the official National Anthem of the UK and its component parts is God Save The Queen. They are quite right to sing (or mime) it.
  10. Englands proposed National Anthem - Land of Hope and Glory gets my vote! 8) :salut:
  11. I think if your going to go away from the National Anthem, then There'll Always Be An England, would be the right choice
  12. I laughed at seeing the men's lacrosse team opted for GSTQ whilst the women went for Jerusalem. They're either sponsored by the WI or the Harlot. :D
  13. My Granda would only ever recognise two pieces of music:

    God Save The Queen and the Londonderry Air

    Me, I prefer MacNamara's Band :D
  14. The so-called 'Fifth Verse':

    (with vigour)

    Lord grant that Marshal Wade

    May by thy mighty aid

    Victory bring.

    May he sedition hush,

    And like a torrent rush,

    Rebellious Scots to crush.

    God save the Queen!

    Note: In line 6, substitute any national or ethnic grouping that has got up your hoop today.