Failure at RCB

Discussion in 'Officers' started by benj1981, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. I failed main board RCB 2 years ago and was told that the advice they offer me is to go and search a career elsewhere. I was told I failed because I didn't prepare enough, wasn't fit enough and came across immature.

    In the 2 years since my fail at RCB I have grown up a lot, become fitter and gained a lot of experience and believe I have overcome my failure at RCB

    Does anyone know if it is possible to reapply to Army even though I was told to seek a career elsewhere? I know you are allowed to attempts at RCB - but is this still the case if you failed RCB as badly as I did?

    Any serious answers would be greatfully received.
  2. Generally speaking if they suggest you do not reapply, then you are advised not to. You will probably only repeat the experience. If you feel that you are now more mature and have made considerable improvements to your fitness then I suggest you talk to your sponsoring arm or the local ACIO. Your written presentation suggests that you still might struggle by the way, although you may have posted the above in a rush.

    On a more positive note, a lot of people fail their first RCB and then go on to successful careers. However they usually were people given the "six month watch" or green light to reapply with improvements to specific areas e.g. fitness.
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Or try via the TA as an interim measure.
  4. What category did you get on the RCB Briefing?
  5. Cat 3.
  6. Sod it. Reapply anyway. The worst they can say is "No", and you're no worse off than you are now.

    Having the balls to identify your weaknesses, work on them and come back for a second try is the stuff of a good potential officer.

  7. I thought that Cat 3 meant 'fail, but encouraged to reapply once remedied specified weaknesses'.
  8. SPLUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, far be it for me to criticise a MOD but please tell me that's tongue-in-cheek.

    TCB and RCB are identical standards. From 1st Jan 2006 they will be the same course!
  9. It's all in the pen-picture, but typically "encourage" would be a cat 2 with wording along the lines of, "The Board awards a CATEGORY 2 - imposing a delay of (n) months to give time for him/her to improve (whatever needs improving)"

    3 is a fail neither encourage nor discourage but would highlight specific physical limitations if applicable. 4 is a not while fish swim in the sea.

    Cat 3 for this poster - good advice above, if your sponsor wants to put you through again, it's his call....
  10. Or ( having begun by helpful posting earlier, I now revert to normal b'tard leanings) you might consider a commission in the Royal Crab Force? I believe even their drivers are commissioned...
  11. He can always enlist in the TA. Indeed, before DEPO it was mandatory for potential officers.
  12. Why not join the ranks-I failed RCB, joined as a soldier-the training is less and you can have a great time pi$$ing it up against the wall and 15 years down the line get an LE commission-my first mess after commissioning was the HQ mess of the capbadge that told me to "find an alternative sponsor if you are considering another attempt".
  13. My friend (Mekon if you're out there), failed RCB and joined the ranks of the Sigs. This has given him the chance to mature and develop his self discipline, which eve he will admit was lacking. Since then he has been flying and has been pushed for promotion. He really has not looked back since.
  14. Cat 3 at Briefing in laymans terms is that they are not convinced you have it but you might aswell give it a go.

    You then went on to RCB - main (fair play), but took a bit of a kicking. So be it, that was two years ago. If you have a say changed and ironed out your weaknesses then give it another crack. It is likely that your sponsor would have file 13 your P-file after your last report. So speak to them, out of interest who was it? They may be still able to put you through the process. Else speak to your local ACA(O).

    You must be brutualy honest with yourself. Have you genuinely changed your personality or is it a fantasy in your mind. Its tough to see your own faults and even tougher to change our personality. Be under no illusion, RCB standards do not change.

    Take a good look at yourself before heading down the route again.
  15. My sponsor was the D&Ds. I shall write to the Regt. Sec and see what he thinks.

    However, as they are now going to Light Inf will the Officer recuiting still be dealt with by the D&Ds or the Light Div?