Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by accidentalscaley, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Settle an argument would you. I say he'll stay a Sgt, others say he won't. I know a guy who's been binned off his SCLM FCC 3 times in a row. What'll happen to him now? Does he keep his 3rd or what? (First time he binned was for admin, 2nd and 3rd, he jacked the CFT)
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Edit: Must learn to read without beer goggles.

    If he can't be arrsed then why should we carry him? If he is a good tradesman/woman then at least he'd try. BCFT is basic, is this not something his unit should have dealt with before sending him on the course?

    I'd say that he is not fit for promotion due to not being able to pass his MATTs (or whatever they're called now). Is this wrong?
  3. Apart from being a spineless cnut, the letter of the law says he 'SHOULD' be reverted back to substantive rank.
  4. accidentalscaley,

    It's actually you you're talking about isn't it?

    Revert back to substantive rank and that is that.

    As heidtheba says the Unit should have captured this and dealt with it. The CFT is a mandatory test and if failed should see him wind his way up in front of his MO being downgraded. He may at some point in the future get to do the Downgraders CLM.

  5. As a full screw hopefully :roll:
  6. For the uneducated what does the Downgraders CLM consist of as a lot of us only remember detties and staffies. (Shudders and rabbit wood)

  7. As I understand it, you do the 'management' side of the CLM but not the exercise or PT (as it's for cripples). From what I've been told however, you will never get your Staffy if you do the cripple's CLM, you have to do the full one to get SSgt.

    If you do the cripple's CLM and then get upgraded again to FE, you have to go back and do the exercise phase.

    (this is all from what I've been told by my unit when I was trying to get on last year's).
  8. Once - unfortunate/unlucky/not his best.

    Second - over trained/over confident/not improved.

    Third - Why is he on his third/ wasn't twice enough/ who is this loser who cant take a hint.
  9. I can quote from the new CLM handbook, but essentially substantive rank is achieved when Part 1 (A&S) CLM is completed ideally prior to taking up the post or within 1 year of assuming it (variations permitted for service reasons).

    "Where an NCO has failed to complete the critical elements within this timeframe, the soldier isto revert to the sustantive rank of corporal and, if necessary, be removed fromt he appointment until completion."

    How many attempts you get at the course is up to the individual cap badge.
  10. Jimmys best mate and Dev

    Thanks for that


  12. Feck me days. In my day we would try to pull the poor bastard up, not

    shove him down.
  13. All right fella! I believe you!
  14. 3 failures, twice for jacking on a CFT?

    Fcuk me, how the times have changed. How the fcuk did a useless cnut like this get picked up in the first place? I (as those who know me) was never a racing snake, but I never had the slightest problem with a CFT....but.....if I did, I'd fcuking well get myself up to standard before going on a promotion course.

    Bring back the Staffies course. Blokes course that was....
  15. I recall hearing from the last CLM which was run that there was roughly a 50% pass rate on the CFT on Day 1. I'm heading onto it shortly, and although I can already do a CFT comfortably I'm still putting more training in to improve. Makes you wonder what units are thinking when they send unfit soldiers on such a course.