Failing basic training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andrewb19, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi chaps,

    I have a question regarding basic training. Once you've passed the selection stage and have your basic start date, is there much from that point onwards where you can still fail and if so, what are the typical reasons for failing?

    Most of all, are they still doing document and background checks and do you have to do another medical like at selection at basic training or is everything done and dusted now?

    I'm just wanting the best chance to pass and start my new career, so just wondering over what there is left that I don't have any control over. I have heard of people being discharged for medical reasons and because of old cautions from the police, etc.


  2. You don't have much control over anything in life.

    But as far as phase 1 is concerned when you arrive during week 1, you have a thourough medical, includes another urine test and blood test. But as you said, if you get an injury that puts you out of training long enough you will be MD'd and then I suppose you are given either another date to attend phase 1.

    I've been told by the ACIO if you turn up with an injury due to over exercising at home or another reason you wont be allowed to start phase 1.

    I wouldn't be worrying about what you can and can't control, from other peoples experiences I have heard and read if you do simply worry about everything you'll be a nervous wreck through training.

    I believe the instructors and other staff will try and keep you in training for as long as possible.
  3. firstly, providing you were honest and declared everything they asked about, then you will not be discharged for it. if they catch you lying on your application, you may well be subject to admin action of some kind.

    secondly, you are always being assessed in basic.

    out of 45 in my troop only 30 made it to phase 2. you can be back trooped for anything from fitness to poor skills and drills.

    however, it is fairly difficult to fail in the sense getting kicked out. as long as you are willing to put the effort in even if you get back trooped several times, you will probably still be allowed to carry on, unless it is for discipline reasons.
  4. are you worried about being drug tested?
  5. No, I've never taken drugs - other than alcohol :lol:

    I got a caution last week for criminal damage (damaged a metal tile in the shopping market), just thought when they do a criminal check during now or basic training, they may kick me out for it. Then of course I'm also worried about another medical, cause they seem to MD people for even the slightest thing.
  6. caution shouldnt matter.....i dont think!
  7. I am right in thinking that they will find this out during basic through the background checks they do then?
  8. im also concerned about the medical side of it mate, im due to go AFC on 7th september

    i first got deffered from selectiuon for a suspected heart murmur (cleared), did sh*t on that lung capacity test (cleared) and had sugar in my blood so had check for diabetes (also cleared)

    what i was wondering is, do my medical records from selection follow me to basic?
    because if anything should occur i can simply say 'look in blah blah blah...'


  9. you sound concerned for something more than your caution and medical, otherwise you would not be asking these kind of questions. i think you are trying to hide something :?

    during vetting, when your BC checks are done this would only show up certain things, when your SC gets done this shows up a lot more and if ever you are going to be working on something (in your future) that requires DV clearance then they will go through all your past with a fine toothcomb!!

    Own up to it now.
  10. criminal damage to a metal plate? seems harsh.
  11. chocolate_frog: They're really cracking down on crime up here. Was only two weeks ago when my mate got a fine for dropping a cigarette butt on the floor in town. He had something like 28 days to pay it in or he faced going to court and getting a criminal record.

    Colonel_Foreskin-Crumb: Biggest concern is this caution and medical. If it gets brought up, they may kick me out for not mentioning it before starting and all the paper work has already been done now. Is there another criminal check during basic and is the medical the same as selection or much more indepth?
  12. stop flapping and just get on with it
  13. Sound like a plan, start hammering the small crime and the big stuff starts to crumble....

    or it did in NYC when they tried a similar approach there.
  14. i'm worried about this too can some 1 help?
  15. Of course they follow you. For the rest of your career, if not your life.