Failed woman suicide bomber"

Just heard it on the Radio 2 news that a failed woman suicide bomber has been sentenced to DEATH. Would it not be more logical to be sentenced to life?

Cannot find the link but This is the woman and what her "Friends" are trying to do to save her.

On the other hand, execution has some advantages:

- she will never reoffend
- it's cheaper than a long sentence
- no-one else can be kidnapped and held against her release

Is the mode of death significant to these mediaeval lunatics? Does failure to explode = no virgins (or female equivalent)? In other words, death as suicide bomber = passport to paradise, whilst executed as criminal = go directly to hell?
What happened to her husband? It says they were on a joint mission to blow up 3 hotels. Why waste further time effort and money? As long as she lives, in prison then successive hostages will be taken to force her release. Do her now and be done with it.
Failed woman suicide bomber...does that mean we can safely assume it was a car bomb??
funny you should say that......... I was reading an article written by a female journo who had had access to some Iranian families and she asked the women what was the equivalent heaven for Muslim women - hundreds of doe-eyed virgin men perhaps? The reply was rather telling.... "in our womens' heaven, there will be no men...." which says something about the kind of lives they lead as Muslim wives I feel.

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