Failed Selection (Problem getting next date)


This year I failed my selection course at Pirbright, I was informed by my officer interviewing me that I am a well and able applicant to begin training in the army, passing selection with a B.

However, the motivation for myself to join the army was purely based upon changing myself and my ways. I haven't been the most motivated and self confident person due too bullying when I was young in primary/secondary school and never being given the support where things have gone wrong for me leaving me with little confidence. Without going into too much detail, i was told I wasn't able to join until I am confident enough and prove I can work effectively in a team, you wouldn't assume so at my figure and personality, I'm out every weekend, be it clubbing or what not, but i lack depth in my confidence which the officer who interviewed me noticed.

I took the steps upon myself before even getting into an interview with my careers advisor to make the change necessary, got real and joined a football team, took part in more social activities even to say my friends and parents notices a positive difference in my attitude and confidence.

Upon the interview I was told I was to attend a look at life course with the royal Anglian regiment in the attempt to determine if I had made any changes, potentially if successful reports were sent back I'd attend my next selection course within 2 months time.

I personally put my self out there and gave it a million% to try and prove I'd made those changes, giving it everything i had, giving support to my team during battle PT and making sure I was heard in team tasks and I accounted everyone whilst completing them.

During so i made some good mates and I had told them why I was there one guy even said "you don't seem that shy or anything" which in a way i was pleased to hear because i went there to solve that problem.

Anyways, I had my interview at the end of the week with the staff that run the look at life week.

Response was I was shady, grey wasn't in the picture that much. didn't get involved.

I disputed it, but obviously failed because they are there to monitor me.

Anyway 2 weeks later i call my recruitment advisor to check if the paperwork had been sent through and I explain to him the situation, and what the other potential recruits made of me.

I now have to wait a further 5 months (minimum) to do another look at life course until I can be given the thumbs up to attend my 2nd attempt at Pirbright, which could be another 3-9 months after.

After speaking with my Careers advisor i got the impression that the look at life course i did i wasn't actually watched or observed and they just pretty much copied and pasted comments made during Pirbright. It's hard to say i do feel a bit cheated by it all, That being said I'm determined to make the change and sort the problem out head on.

Me and my careers advisor really don't know what else to do, I've tried everything i brought in proof of my commitment to change including medals won from the football team i joined, including fun raising races and stuff like that.

I'm going to be going back to the same look at life course again, What can i do to make those vital good impressions to get them to re-think my reference, to Pirbright?
Listen mate,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your endeavour to improve your character; it takes a bold decision to do what you did. As regards to your report from the look at life you went on, I can identify with you cos it happened to me once. In my case, the staff were blind to individual effort and performance and stamped the same grades for all candidates in all areas.

Don't lose focus on your goals. I suspect that next time you do selection, you'll do fine. Just some tips for your team tasks when on selection, make sure you're voicing your opinions, be the one who takes the lead (eg. carry the ammo box), encourage people and work hard.

Also there are loads of look at life courses for different regiments and corps. What might be of interest to you is that the Para Regiment does one in Colchester and all you have to do is phone them up, no need to go through your recruiter for this one. Maybe you can prove your character and personality on this one. Have a look at the Para page on and make sure you prepare yourself well, both physically and mentally. Just don't go on it and say you're not really interested in Para or you'll get booted ;) or you might as well consider your options while you're at it...


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