Failed pilot medical. Is my situation worth Perusing?

I shall try and keep this short...

I compleated my pilot apptitude and passed all my tests and exams. However I failed on the medical for 2 things. One, I was to heavy...about 2 stone! This gave me a complex as I thought I was a Fat B****** but I do weight train alot I must say I am pretty big...or so I have been told.

For all you out there that are going to tell me unlucky you fat t*** my body fat % is only 18%!

The second item i failed on was my legs were to long. Yes, I am tall but im within the height dimensions. My legs were 5 cm to long. Once agian you may say unlucky lofty do one. You could have said I should have preped more but I didn't quite know how they mesured your legs.

For those of you that have done it you will know you have to sit against a flat wall on that machine with you legs flat on the floor.

Now, as im as supple as a brick, I could not sit with my back against the wall with my legs flat. The nice lady kept telling me I needed to put my legs down flat. The only way I could do this was to slid my bum forward, thus making my legs longer.

When I was told I had failed the AAC medical board I contacted the Avn medical officer and told him about my legs with reguard what happen during the measuring and that given about 4 months I could lose the weight by adjusting my weight training schedule.

This was his reply. The machined used to measure you is most accurate human measuring tool the forces have so you are to big. end of!!!

More worrying was his statement about my weight and I quote" Yes, you could lose the weight but with age we all put on a bit of weight and you now have to stay below the 98Kg weight to remaining flying, so i don't think you would be able to stay at that weight for long"...cheeky git. Plus I know for a fact there are pilots out there now flying that weight more than me....quite a lot of them as well!!!

He has never met me and says im a fat B****** as well!!

What i would like to know is there any point chaseing this. If so what would people suggest? I don't what to keep rocking to boat till I get my way because I can see me get loaded on to grading and failing for some handy reason if you get my drift!!...I have waited 10 years in the army to get to the position I am just so I could go a blackie tiff who would like to be a test pilot.

Your genunie thoughts please....
Screw flying them... get your arse into an airborne outfit and enjoy landing while the aircrew are still picking thier nose at altitude. ;)


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I'm sure you are aware that the measurements that are now used are all geared around AH so I'm afraid the reasoning that you see fat Lynx pilots throwing themselves around the sky, while true, doesn't really hold much weight (no pun intended).

There is another factor here. A lot of people apply for pilot training. As you know it is an expensive process both in time and effort for all concerned. At this stage the AAC can afford to be incredibly selective and anyone remotely borderline is likely to be discounted.

There is another route. As a tiffy have you considered the Royal Navy/Royal Marines? I think that they still use old measurements as they don't have AH, and judging by the size of some of them I don't think muscular bulk is a problem. Obviously it would mean taking a step down (with a commission) but that's the price you pay!

Alternatively make the effort to get to the right weight then present yourself to the CAAM at HQ DAAvn or any of the senior SAMs as they are mostly a very approachable bunch, but get to the right weight first (or well below it), it is pointless making too much noise right now as you will probably present yourself as a nuisance.

I wouldn't worry about failing grading once on it due to persistance, trust me they wouldn't bother putting you on it just to shut you up, far too expensive. If you get as far as grading then you will fail or succeed on merit.


Oi lofty,
Get back behind your desk, do some stats and stop complaining!!!
Blackies are so geeky!!!!!
Blackies aren't geeky, they chuck spanners around and tend to avoid electricity, aka "the invisible stuff".

You're talking about the Greenies who are actually able to MANIPULATE the invisible stuff to do what they want. It's magic. ;)


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I was refused pilot training because my sitting height put me 2" outside of the limit. And that was final. I later learned that the limit was based on the cockpit dimensions of the Gnat, an aircraft that was even then going out of service.

I think Pocoyo is dead right - the service would be all over you if they were desperate for recruits, but as they aren't, you will have to think again.


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I always thought the height test was based on ejector seats for the RAF?
Therefore if you were going AAC you had to tell them and they were a bit slacker with the height regs?
Chances of you ejecting out of a gazelle where considered quite slim so they wouldn't be so rigid
Has this changed?
Yes, they now assess all AAC applicants on whether they are within the min/max for AH. This is why leg length is now an issue, as well as weight.
I've sat in a AH and i can not see what my legs are suppose to interfere with. I can obtian full range of movment with the controls and reach all buttons and switch's.....don't figure!!

I must admit i've never been call geeky as a blackie before....especially with all these greenies about!!!


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Go and ask a RAF Medic who wil give you a run down on why your legs have to be a certain length, why your arms must not be too short or long, why your trunk must be a certain size and why your height will effect your flying ability. The rules are there for a reason not to mess you about but to keep you alive in any given circumstance. 92% of potential pilots fail on this criteria so you are not alone


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Oh I forgot, I said RAF medic for a reason as they know more about it than most as its their job to know
chimp, i'm sure your advice is good, but actually, you may well be better off talking to the Army Aviation specialist at Wallop, he's likely to know more about why it matters with regards to the Apache.


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The_Goon said:
chimp, i'm sure your advice is good, but actually, you may well be better off talking to the Army Aviation specialist at Wallop, he's likely to know more about why it matters with regards to the Apache.
Understood but my wifey is a PM in a Medcen and deals with both services as apparantly as she states we are now a Tri-service Medcen :D
think you are all missing the point here....i did go and ask them(wallop doc's)....atfer telling them that there was a good chance my legs are not as long as what the machine said....the nice approchable doc's at wallop said the machine is allways right and will not even allow me to have a check measure.

simple solution i thought!! measure again with my arse against the wall and if it over the limit no hard feelings.


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Point taken, if it was me I would appeal, what have you to lose at the end of the day


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On a lighter point, are you going to change your username if you fail?
Appeal officially - as chimp says, it won't hurt you, can sometimes all it takes is a formal letter to the right person. It'll also prove how much you want it.


Chopper, You said that you wasn't very supple. Approaching the problem from a different angle (so to speak), why not speak to the PTIs, get some advice on stretching exercises, see if you can gain any improvement in your flexibility (unlikely for a Tiff :D ) and then appeal. If they say no, fcuk 'em, go elsewhere.

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