Failed phase 1 swimming test

You'll still carry on out of basic training. The burden of teaching you to drown less quickly will be passed on to Phase 2, certainly when I was in Phase 2 those that couldn't swim were encouraged to do that as their 'sport' on a Wednesday sports afternoon. They'd go down the pool in a minibus with a PTI who had the quals, or were handed off to a civvy instructor, and taught how to swim properly.

If someone had walked into our swimming session at Pirbright, they would have thought racial segregation was in force. All the non-swimmers had to go to the shallow end, and all those who could to the deep end. The shallow end was the entirety of our foreign and commonwealth intake, and then one lad from Northern Ireland. All of them finished training with me, and only one or two could stay afloat by that point.

Basically, don't worry about it, you'll be fine. I'd learn to get more confident in the water in your own time, as it is a life skill you really should possess, especially in the armed forces. Survive gunfire, IDF and an IED strike and then trip over drown in a deep puddle. Bad drills.
Did a few swim tests in battalion and everytime was different to the last. Never swam or did a swim test in recruit training,or AT.But it was very different in the 80's etc...
I can barely swim a stroke,it was never an issue.
If I had wanted to swim,I would have joined the fecking fish heads.
Seriously, I think being able to swim is one of the most important life skills, and how to float, not panic, etc.

I'm a poor swimmer, and not confident in the water, but after overcoming that, I had 30 plus years scuba diving....... wonderful stuff.

It's like riding a bike, or driving a car........ it suddenly clicks.
I don't remember ever swimming during training. If it was something that could not be achieved 'at the double', it would have been considered effeminate and unmilitary. If it had been a TO, you'd have done it in full NBC and wearing boxing gloves. No, swimming was strictly for matelots.

I take it that things have changed.
We never had a test, but we were in a pool a few times, and absolute torture it was too.
20 lengths .............go ffs, we used to dread it, except the single budding Olympian who'd do 20 in the time it took the rest of us to do 2.
Needs changing then. Cheap easy win, health and safety compliant and achieves many things that AT is mandated to do.
Its not a normally a regualr event so you usually get bored PTIs thrashing the swimmers while the non swimmers either have more flotation devices than a cruise ship or are hugging the side of the pool because the shallow end is over 6 feet deep.

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