Failed PFT, do it again tomorrow.

Irrespective of what the MATT says, the short answer is yes. This is especially the case if you had failed through distraction (eg idleness) rather than a gross lack of fitness. My advice would be to attend without hint of complaint and prove convincingly that your failing yesterday was simply an accident and that your fitness is not in question.

However, if you know that you had failed because you cannot meet the fitness standard, I suggest that you make the CoC (your PTI, whatever) aware of the 48 hour requirement. That way it eases the process of getting rid of you.
Spot on; that IS the spirit. What are you saying; the OP should tell his CoC to piss off? Get a grip, this is the British Army not some branch of the Civil Service.
I suspect the PTIs and his CoC will already know about the 48hr requirement and the OP is wondering if HE can have the choice to do it again the next day. Am I right OP?

If the rules say 48hrs, it should be 48hrs. MATTs are there for a bloody good reason and they should not be ignored just because some idiot thinks otherwise. Get a grip of yourself. I hope to god you're not an NCO with that attitude. If he does fail another PFA within 48hrs, he'll have good grounds to make a formal complaint under the Army's own rules. And he'll win.


I hasn't been a test for some months now. It's back to being an assessment again!
Well i find that hard to believe as we have just ran one for the trackers course here in Brunei and it was deffo a PFT.And yes there was a failure and RTU.


In the infantry if as a senior rank you fail a PFT and are not downgraded or on the biff or injured you get a 3 month warning and if in 3-6 weeks you still fail a critical test your out on your ear.Fair do if you ask me.
I once failed what was then called the BFT (the 1.5 squad and 1.5 best time). When finishing, I stood in the wrong line and got given a "biff" token. God knows what it was as I'd only been in the unit 3 days and had no idea of their system.
I retook it the next morning and came in under my normal 10 mins (I was 34 at the time) just to prove a point.
(F**?%^ hell, I've just realised that was 26 bleeding years ago--------Bring back the Old n Bold section....please).
Pre course training/prep in most places used to be at least 1 BFT and if you failed you had about 18 hours to retake and pass or you wouldn't be going on the course.

At one unit they even used to make the guys going on Snow Queen (ask your dad) take and pass one before falling onto the transport :)
I failed the run by 7 seconds yesterday. Did it again today while my body was in clip and got 9:51.
General idleness on course from my part I guess.
Cheers for responses, didn't know about the MATT.
44 press ups in 2 minutes
50 sit ups in 2 minutes
1.5 mile run in 10 minutes 30 seconds

I got 64 press ups, 62 sit ups and 10 min 37 yesterday
And 62 press ups, 54 sit ups and 9 min 51 today

Oh well, a pass is a pass even if I was supposed to get recovery period.

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