failed once but not again NEED ADVICE

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mash, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. hey,
    i tried to join wen i was 16 was in good shape did lots of sport and stuff. passed the medical at selection and also passed all the physical stuff to. but wat let me down was i failed the bleep test and i failed the run ( because i walked cause i couldnt breathe and had a really bad stich).

    i am now 20 fitness aint to bad ride to and from work. i haven done much running. and i affraid im going to fail again.

    is ther any advice any one can give me to build up my stamina or just to help me run better or sumthing
    thanks :D
  2. Write out 100 times 'I must improve my grammar'.

    The exercise will do you good.
  3. sorry teacher (lol)
  4. If you where in good shape surely you would of been able to do the run ??

    Anyway, dont think they do a bleep test anymore (I didnt have to)

    The advice i have to give is basically what i done to get my run time down..

    1.5 Mile Run twice a week and try to beat your previous time each run, do it on road/track unless you are just starting to run again and in that case i would use a treadmill to get used to running again.

    3-5 Mile run at a slower steady pace

    Speed Interval training (look up Fartlek) eg. Sprint for 20secs, Jog for 1minute, Repeat for 10mins

    Have a days rest in between each session to recover and getting proper running shoes can help
  5. i didnt stop cause i was acheing or tired. just felt like my lung had fallen out is ther any tips on breathing cause that was my main problem
  6. Perhaps get an mp3 player. I find running is incredibly boring, so it's really useful for you to train with.
    Look around this site, there's plenty of information on different types of training you can do, and training programmes that you can look at etc.
    You say that you're afraid of failing again, so if I was you I would train and train, until you feel very confident that you will blitz the run.

    Also, for a 20 year old you talk (well, type), like a right retard.
  7. thanks all
  8. One tip is to breathe in and only then to breathe out. You may need to repeat this as you run. Any other way may cause problems.


    P.S. Flashy wasn't joking about the grammar (and also the spelling).
  9. is there any other techniques i could use to avoid getting a stich
  10. Yeah.....
    Don't eat before a run!
  11. Firstly learn to are joining the British Army and not the Chav Army. Anyway to your answer.

    Then you need to get milage in your legs, that is the only way to build up your stamina and endurance, so get out on the streets and start running and gradually build up the milage weekly. You will also need to do some sprint training and also and plyometric training (sounds complicated) but in nutshell - its taking lots of leaps and bounds on leg after another. I am sure there will be something on google about it anyway. Stitch can be run through... Pain is just a way that tells you that you are still alive...
  12. firstly im NOT a chav i am normal and its not my fault i have trouble spelling
  13. Awww not your fault, how many times have I heard that before?
  14. If getting a stitch is your only worry then there is actually a solution. Recite the alphabet backwards or any other exercise to keep your mind off the pain and don't stop and walk. To succeed in the Army you need determination and will power, so use them to keep going. Pain is a sensation, sensations are there to be enjoyed.
    Oh and what the others said about spelling and grammar.
  15. as soon as you stop and walk its all over your pace has gone and basically your legs just dont seem to want to work anymore just keep running bitch
    and for a stitch dont bloody stop its only a bit of pain its suprising how quick they go if you just keep running so my advice is pretty simple

    !!!!![RUN BITCH RUN]!!!!!