Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SNOOP, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. This is my first posting here.I wonder if anyone can help me .I failed medicals because of Heart murmur.I went to the hospital for ECG and ECHO.Everything was fine but the Doc told me that there is too much pressure in my lungs.To me it doesnt make any sense because i have got no problems at all.Does this automatically disqualify me from joing the army.The Doc told me that he was going to forward the results of his findings to the RSC.Any help will be highly appreciated
  2. I cant give advice, but i can only sypathise with you, I have a friend who was sent home from selection due to a heart murmer, their not rare at all, he has been to the hospital, etc. and they said nothing is wrong with him, he failed his selection again though for other reasons. However, i really do sypathise with you, it must be hard for you if you are very serious about joining the Army, I have my selection on the 16th and I am hoping for the best. I really do hope that in the near future it gets sorted out and you can get in.
  3. yea i failed mine last week due to a heart murmur and damaged Knee ligaments that i have never ever damaged in my life.
  4. If you have a case to appeal then do it but if they say no then generally it means just that as they can't take the risk with training etc. Sorry mate but good luck all the same.There are tests and standards we all had to meet its not your fault, if you really have no problem it will get sorted out, but if you do the answer will still be the same.

  5. Definately look into a case for appeal. i failed mine because i had M.E for two years and ended up in a wheelchair for a few months. Had a lengthy appeal after failing mine but i've now just been told they've agreed to my appeal. If you need any help PM me.

  6. How did the come across your knee ligaments shadowfar ?
  7. Thanks a lot for support and advise.I really appreciate it
  8. I will shortly be applying to join the Army as a soldier (preferably the Intelligence Corps) and am looking for some advice about the medical. I am 24 years old and generally in good shape. My concern relates to a metal plate in my jaw. My lower jaw was stamped on during a football match in 2000 (i'nt pub football brilliant!) and was badly broken. I had surgery and a permanant metal plate was inserted. I have never had even the slightest problem with it, but am concerned that it might prevent me from passing the medical.

    I plan to sit the BARB test and to have my initial interviews over the coming weeks but would like to find out if my jaw is likely to be an issue as soon as possible. It seems a bit pointless to go through the system if i am already automatically debarred. Does anyone have any information relating to this or any ideas where I might find more details? Thanks in advance.
  9. dont worry about it to much....cos soon as you get there the doc's already have your medical files from you local gp so if they ask about it then tell them about it.if they dont then i wudnt bother saying owt
  10. I failed the Army (TA) medical becasue of high blood pressure. I got a letter from my own GP to say thats it not a problem and the Army have accepted that.
    Might be an option for you.
  11. i got deffered for a murmur and for a blister on my heel ... i have to wait until monday to get a doctors note to say my blister has cleared up, lucky the murmur was innocent. But my GP mixed my notes up with my Dad's, he did his knee in back in '86, the doc was paying close attention to my knee looking for anything wrong with it.

    Im more afraid about a recent groin injury i picked up, my gym instructor said i should see my doc, but i don't want anything like that on my medical notes, he said i should at least see a physio, its been about 2 weeks and it still aches when i get up in the morning and i feel the pain when i put all my weight on it.
  12. Hi all,

    I saw this post and i just wanted abit of clarification. i am in the process of signing up at the moment just like many others and will soon be having my medical. i was born with a heart murmmur. but i only had it till around the age of 5. will this go against me?