Failed Medical - No going back

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Drazic, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Evening chaps,

    Some may remeber my standing ovation of the public plege of op cupabrest and shoulder to cry on. It today resulted in a roger over the waves and it reminded me to post this.

    I posted about joining up etc etc,

    Well i went loopy on my phys no issues at all there, even trianed with a few local RM's.

    Past my interview, past my barb test, other tests, other interviews then come to the fingering of it all with some white coat sperm.

    Somehow i've cracked/broken my hip! So bad that it's got to be replaced. Kinda take the jispy kiss as i trianed so hard and felt nothing wrong, i started looking really good as the local slag put it!

    Im due to go under the knife shortly on the replpacment hip.

    There we go then, im out, done for and really bummed but i have a new job, an amazing job.
  2. go on then, i'll ask................

    whats your new job!
  3. Hip tester
  4. hip replacement salesmen?
  5. His new job is not proof reading.

  6. YAWN!!!! fcuk off !!!
  7. Spell checker for the" Times ". Perhaps?. :twisted: