Failed medical @ Lichfield

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MarkP, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Apparently my son is underwieght due to being a little skinny but he's a lanky 17 year old!

    Is it worth appealing? Or do I just ship him off to the doctors and get him to see a dietitian?

    I've been feeding him pasta and what not to bulk him up a little but it doesn't seem to help.


  2. send him to the doctors, may help to see what will bulk him up,
  3. if you dont mind me asking...just how underweight is he? I'd say its worth appealing, one of my mates has been on double rations ever since he started training, hes now in his 4th year!
  4. MarkP - I honestly think that your son should look for something better!

    The army is not what it is made out to be. If ever your son needs help and the army do not think that he is going to be useful again he will be out without a second chance!

    The glorification of how good things are is false.

    Soldiers are waiting for places in hospital and rehabilitation.

    Waiting for pensions, housing and what is more important - many of the qualifications gained these days are worthless outside of the green!

    I have 17 years service - Regular, reserve and regular again and can only say that there are far better options outside!
  5. yer if i may ask how much does he way, surley he was within the BMI check that's done at the careers office at the start, if so whats the ground to say he's underweight, what's his height and weight?
  6. a real puzzler this one, i thought BMI's were checked at initial career office entry like myself, i weigh 9 3/4 Stone (61 kg) and about 175cm height (5ft 9) so was your son anywhere near this

    it'll be just my luck for this to happen to me
  7. I wouldn't bother with the army - really guys, believe me and others - the army will drop you like a hot potato when you either give them hassle or when you are badly injured.... that is what has happened to me and loads of others!
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

    @ Themadone, he's gonna stick at it. I know what you are saying but it's something he wants to do.

    Regarding his weight, he weighed as 56 at the AFCO, but at Lichfield he was 55 (this could be due to skipping breakfast that morning).

  9. They're really precise about the weights,

    On the flip side; when I went to Glencorse, some poor lad got rejected for being 2KG overweight, we all said (and the Dr. at that) that he should have just gone for a sh't before the medical and he'd have been fine
  10. about the figures I assume you mean KG

    i got checked at the AFCO first thing as soon as i said about the army, i weigh 60 kg, so really im best to try and put a bit on to be on safe side, even though thats impossibly for me, because i do no and cannot put weight on, ive tried!

  11. I'm 6ft. 4-5 and almost 13 stone. I was 12 and a half but I started to bulk up.
    From my calculations you should be around twice your height in weight ;) (stones)
  12. well im 176 cm height and 60kg weight, as soon as i went to the ACIO, i was checked by the bloke who said yes I was eligible, so i don't understand how you can fail for being underweight at the ADSC, unless you lose a hell of a lot between going there

    so will my 60 kg be ok then? i still fit within the BMI index, i know a minimum of 18, and im 21 just.
  13. Themaadone if you havent got anything sensible to say why dont you pick your teddy off the floor and fcuk off.

    Looking on this from two angles MarkP.

    When I was recruiting the Med Sisters told us to ensure that anyone close to the lower limit of approx 17 and upper limit of approx 28 watched their weight closely prior to ADSC. I had a couple of my applicants who came in to be reweighed days before ADSC just to confirm everything was ok.
    They are strict guidelines because of the ammount of physical exercise they will be undertaking at basic training which MAY cause injury to somebody outside these zones.

    My son went through the same problem at first when he went through the process and at 16 was over 6 foot and weighed 53 (he needed to be 55). The only problem was the ammont of training he was doing with me for selection meant he wasnt putting weight on. I delayed his application for a while and fed him up on pasta, guinness and three weeks of Christmas junk and he actually grew taller and put on enough weight to be over the level required. It is hard on the ones who are finding it hard to meet the BMI requirements but the Army re thinking about your lad and not wanting him to injure himself and cause any damage.
  14. At 17 hes got plenty of time to go back. Has he tried weight gain powders etc and maybe even lifting a few weights? I know in my gym where I go to there are trainers who give advice on this sort of thing so it may be an idea to take him along to a local reputable gym (not some back street steroid abuser hangout) where hopefully he will be able to get some good advice as to nutrition and a suitable exercise program.
  15. Yeah man.. Them don't try to put people off mate.. it's down to the Army, keep going, build up your muscular strength and all the best!