Failed medical - Appeals process and what else can I do with myself now?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by BrC, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. BrC

    BrC Swinger

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  2. Can you explain why exactly you failed medically? I'm further behind the recruitment process than you and the medical is a worry of mine.

    Have you thought about: police or the intelligence services? I know Mi5 are definitely recruiting and Mi6 may be as well. Mi5 do their own tests so I wouldn't worry too much about your qualifications-they'll make their own minds up about whether they want you or not.

    There's also the civil service? Although this may be too bureaucratic for your liking and you may end up in an area you have no interest in.
  3. you failed, so you can **** off.

    of course you could try the search function.

    or ask the ACIO

    or you could,refer back to my first comment.
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  4. MI5/6, SOCA, Int - you can't even find the search function! :)
  5. Hell BrC,
    1. I know the square root of very little au sujet de opthalmology, as do most contibutors here, I expect.
    2. I do know that if it's a matter of your career, you have to fight the medics right to the end.
    3. If you're determined to fight it, seek out an appropriate specialist and give him the brief of challenging the rejection. Be prepared to a) spend some cash and b) accept a finding that agrees with your original report.

    Best of

    Old Rat
  6. The criteria on refractive errors are quite rigid unfortunately. I expect you'll get nowhere fast with this.
  7. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Chaps, the intelligence services want a 2.1 degree minimum. GCHQ want the same.
  8. Best get revising then hadnt you. Alternatively why not try the Police for a couple of years, get the experience under your belt and reapply for your 1st (if Int people etc would accept your current academic record combined with Police service).

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  9. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    I'm not the OP mate.
  10. As “Pyianna” has said the visionary standard required by any branch of the military is very high either one meets that standard or not, there is no in between It would appear you are telling us your sight has refractive errors, yet you decline to tell whether this is either a myopic or hyperopic condition, or astigmatic. From the little information you supply, are we to conclude that you have a corrected astigmatism? Similarly you do not say which form of LASEK surgery you have undergone.

    To expect anyone to give you a credible answer without knowing your medical history is almost impossible. The feeling is that you will never be able to fore fill your dream.
  11. Oops. Apologies mate

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  12. My brother failed his medical. Was all to do with the fact he had grommits when he was a young lad. He went off to the doctors and they told him he could have an operation to close the hole in his ear, the army then turned around and said just wait 6 months after the Op and re-apply.
  13. You may be surprised as to what users of this site know about laser-assisted, subepithelial keratectomy retreatment, in eyes with myopic regression.
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  14. Ah, right, fine.
    Neat font size progression.
    But I did say "most" .

    Given the OP's last response, do you have a view, advice, experience that's of use to him ( or her) either way?
  15. No, sorry. I'm a retired Recy Mech. Does it have a Safe Working Load (SWL) or Working Load Limit (WLL) stamped on the side of the spectacle frame?
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