Failed Medical - Appealing against doc's decision

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mistert1234, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Just had my medical today (PULHEEMS) and passed all of the tests etc as you would expect. However, I was in a serious RTA when I was 9 and broke/fractured my hip and right leg.

    Doc said he would fail me before he did the checks but I could carry on and appeal against his decision if I wished.

    He did the tests and was surprised at the flexibility of my limbs etc and he didnt encounter any resistance. However, he states that there is a chance in 20 years or so I could get arthritis so there was no way he could pass me.

    I disagree with his decision as this is not certain. My bones healed fully over 10 years ago and have never encountered any problems since.

    I've invested a lot of time in preparation and I've had numerous meetings with OC, regimental 2i/c and CO about joining as a TAPO and it's all I've been thinking about recently

    Is it worth appealing, or am I fighting a lost cause?

    Any info appreciated!
  2. What could you possibly have to lose by appealing? If you don't, you'll wish you had.

    PS Don't go gettin' on no plane, foo.
  3. Why would he fail you for something you "might" get in 20 years. **** me that's a possibility for all of us. Sounds like a right nice bloke.

    Civvy or military doc?

    I agree with appealing though. Can't hurt.
  4. I'd appeal , you'd have been showing symptoms now if you were going to suffer from any long term condition.
  5. Appeal by all means, but accumulate as much supporting documentation beforehand as possible. I got pulled off a Subject 2 Cpl because of a surgical procedure performed (with great success) when I was 11! (long story) I ended up having to go back to the specialist who'd performed it, to get a written opinion in support of my case. No problem at all after that.

    HTF could a doctor fail you over something that he hadn't even assessed yet?
  6. Thanks for your comments guys.

    It was a civvy doctor. I had the hearing/sight and bmi checks with the nurse. I was called in and before he even started to assess me he told me he would fail me. I was devastated. Anyway, he performed the medical and all was fine (P2 on PULHEEMS for all) but had to put down I was P8 - fail; he said I could appeal but wouldn't get very far. Does anyone think it is likely thy might refer me to a specialist?

    I'm not giving up hope because my unit have invested a fair amount of time readying me as a Potential Officer (the numbers are short!!) and technically, I've not even joined yet. Do you think I'm in with a chance?

    I have a good civvy career, so it wouldn't necessarily be the end of the world for me. However, this is something I have wanted for a long time and don't want to give up because of one man's opinion (I appreciated he's a doctor, but not necessarily an orthopaedic specialist)

  7. I think he should have referred you to a specialist for a decision rather than fail you. There are many people who fail their medicals, then post on here asking about whether or not they should appeal, most haven't got a hope, but yours seems to be a strong case. Appeal asap.
  8. The Armed Forces should instigate a policy of shooting everyone who fails a medical...

    There would be no threads on ArRSe asking about appealing with such a policy in force.
  9. Thanks for your insightful, albeit completely useless contribution!
  10. Am I the only one wondering about this doctors ability? To say he's going to fail you before he even took a look warrants him being given the biggest **** off pill ever by your unit. I agree that he should have referred you to a specialist.

    What is it with these doctors who do medicals for the TA? Do they come from a special place? I had a fit to attend just over a year ago where we all travelled a significant distance only for the doctor to turn up 2 and a half hours late. She then kicked off saying my unit had too many guys for her to medical (10 of us) and only done 3 of us before ******* off. Mind you, this was after her stating to my PSAO that she "would" still get her money.
  11. The arthritis part of your doctors statement is utter dog toffee, however depending on the injuries you received and the treatment given you may fall foul of this

    taken from JSP 346 (which has changed since this edition, but the basics are still the same)
    if you had any screws/plates/rods etc then you are unfit for service.

    give me a day or two and I will check for any changes to the rules.
  12. Does this sound like a Doc?

    I can't remember the last time I went to a Doctor and they didn't just come out with some off the cuff comment without properly diagnosing...
  13. I just hope it goes in my favour.

    Will be in the blower in the morning to speak to the unit (and GP) try and get some clarification on the issue.

    Thanks again
  14. Good point.
  15. if your serious about getting in speak to your gp, get refered to othopedics for xray/mri of ht eaffected areas and a proper report of your condtion, it hte joint(s) are going to pop into arthritus in the future chances are there would already be signs of htis on the scans

    if you get the all clear then your appeal will be far more likely to suceed (also since an appeal will likely insist on the above and require access to the scans as well as the reports before they hear the case you would likely be saving time)

    anyhow hope you get an answer that makes sense to you.

    although the JSP ruling is there for a reason (like the fact that after 10+ years of the exigencies of service most people develop some form of joint problem from perfectly healthy bodies never mind those who have pre existing weaknesses casued by such events)