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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mofo, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. I've been through the process of joining the RE and all has went well until my GP had to forward my medical records. I've had problems with my kidneys and have slight scarring on the left, which makes it something like 15% less efficient. My GP has not passed me on the basis that I am at risk from hypertensions in later life, however, now he accepts I'm physiologically fine. Also, the chances of me becoming hypertensive in later life is approx. 10% as stated by my kidney specialist. So, do I have valid grounds for an appeal? I personally believe I do, but my doc. is a stubborn t**t and is reluctant to reverse his decision. I believe he isn't fully aware of the army's policy on this issue. Is there any where on the internet where I can view/download the required medical standards for reference?

    Thanks in advance

  2. So lets get this straight you your GP has filled in the RG8 and high lighted the above problem, the med people at your RSC would have wrote back to him asking for further information which he should have done.

    The decision to pass you med fit for the Army is not his choice to make thats why we have a med team unless its the Army who have refused you on the above problem ?

    More information required mate
  3. You can appeal on a medical 298 special enlistment authority if your specialist is willing to support your entry. You may not win the appeal but at least it's a chance. A word of advice though, your probably better off on civvie street theses days!
  4. I got a letter from the army saying my application had not been successful due to the information which my GP had forwarded to them. I then consulted my recruiting officer and he said I should take the letter to my doctor and appeal. The reason I want to appeal against my doctor is because I've never been diagnosed hypertensive, so it shouldn't be a factor, even if I have a higher propensity than others in later life (10%) which is farsicle and insignificant. The GP who forwarded my medical history has never even had contact with me, as my two previous doctors retired and I've never had the need to attend my practice, so we've never met. The information he passed on is just out of date medical records from well over 6 years ago, that is why I feel I have valid grounds to lodge an appeal, I'm just wondering whether it is a valid reason? When I took the letter from the army to my doctor he was adamant I wouldn't be eligible, although I've never had any problems within the last 6 or so years. I don't think he fully understands the army's requirements in regards of this situation.

    That is pretty much it all summed up, hope you have more of an insight now. Again, thanks for the help

  5. You need to bypass your GP and get a letter from your specialist and take that to your AFCO, they can initiate the 298 with that information. Better still get you specialist to write to the RSC medical people direct if possible.
  6. First off i deal with this stuff all the time you will need a sympathetic GP who is willing to fight your case in writing. You and your GP will need to write a letter with supporting evidance stating why you think the medical reject was unfair/wrong which you will then have to send to the address on your med reject letter.

    If you read the med reject letter it does state that your case will not be looked at without supporting evidance from your GP and or a specialist.

    Bear in mind at this point as far as the Army is concerned you are not medicaly fit to join the Army and the ball is firmly in your court to prove otherwise.

    You could pass the appeal on the provisor that the Army specialist in this area (in Birmingham i seem to recall) will conduct tests etc and may get you to sign a disclaimer (as happened recently) stating you are aware of your medical condition and will not sue the MOD if it all goes pete tong.

    It is a long process make no mistake but you have nothing to lose by making an appeal other than the price of a few stamps etc.
  7. Thanks Avre, I appreciate your help, thanks. I'm still pretty confident I am eligible to join, just with the support of my GP who I feel isn't really aware of the regulations. I remember reading the medical policy on my original application form and I was positive I was all clear. Well, any way I hope all goes well. Once again, thanks for the replies

  8. I found out two years ago that I had one kidney I have not been downgraded and still have a full career (just back from the sandy place). I can’t drink to much ‘never could’
    I can’t play contact sports ‘retired too old’ and can’t go unaware too cold ‘too late been there and done that’.

    All this said I had a little fight to remain FE (classed fit) and may not have been allowed in if I was starting my career.