Failed medical - appeal

I've been through the process of joining the corps and all has went well until my GP had to forward my medical records. I've had problems with my kidneys and have slight scarring on the left, which makes it something like 15% less efficient. My GP has not passed me on the basis that I am at risk from hypertensions in later life, however, now he accepts I'm physiologically fine. Also, the chances of me becoming hypertensive in later life is approx. 10% as stated by my kidney specialist. So, do I have valid grounds for an appeal? I personally believe I do, but my doc. is a stubborn twat and will not reverse his decision. I believe he isn't fully aware of the army's policy on this issue. Is there any where on the internet where I can view/download the required medical standards?

Thanks in advance

Mofo, Although you are applying for the Sappers, your best bet would be to place this question in the RAMC Forum where you will receive expert advice on said subject; the only advice you will get in our Sapper Forum with a less than 100% kidney is to take it a 'tad' easier whilst out on the town and don't mix your drinks... i.e. just have the one barrel of ale rather than barrel of ale + Top Shelf + another barrel of ale + whatever is left to minesweep after time...
Right, thanks I will do that. Also, I don't really drink much, the problem was caused by an infection I suffered from during childhood.
Its not up to your doctor, all he does is complete the RG8 the army will make the decision on your medical fitness refering you to a specialist if needs be.
welcome back AVRE :) thought you'd handed your covvies in for an oil change :lol: :lol: :lol:

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