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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by army.barmy.rowe, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. To whoever it may concern,
    Just got the dreaded news and truns out im 6 months back in the scheme of things. I believe I didn't make the cut due to my glorious balls up of the plan ex. Is there any advice on what I can do in the mean time. I am already extremely fit(without sounding like a cock) , and have a para POC in July so any advice for that would also be much appreciated.
  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Errr yeah what the **** are you gibbering about !!! ps you sound like a COCK
  3. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Your idea of being extremely fit is.....?
  4. The ability of to do press ups is not sufficient to be a good officer.

    The plan ex wont sink you at main board, I know of people that drowned the village killed the casualty and sank ran out of fuel in the landrover.

    It is a specific set of skills that the army require in their officers, having them or not having them is no slight on your character. I may want to sleep with Emily Watson but Im guessing i fall outside her criteria its not a problem, its just how things work.
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  5. If you are as bright and fit as you believe, swallow your pride and join as a Pte soldier,
    and if you feel that is below you, then you are already too lofty to lead men.
  6. Do you think Emma Watson's criteria extend to you knowing her name?
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  7. I could join in with some useless comment as above but I won't.
    Wait for your debrief from MB, perhaps see your ACA and discuss your weak points (as stated earlier it will not be a single issue)
  8. What's a plan ex?


    Is it the same as an appreciation?
  9. Wah?

    Seriously- it's an exercise given to candidates at the AOSB whereby they have to work through a set process to come up with a written formal solution to (what seemed to me at the time) a complex problem based on sifting through written information + map. They then have to stand up and explain it to the group and field questions from the DS.

    "planning exercise".
  10. Help you? Certainly.
    Substitute whom for whoever in your salutation.
    Hope this helps.
  11. I think the bit where it said 'seriously' might have indicated a was asking a genuine question.

    So it's an appreciation then.
  12. Be prepared for a longer wait if necessary. Obtain your report, listen to whatever pearls of wisdom your ACA offers, and only then start to calculate the period necessary to prepare properly.

    Analyse very sentence in your report. Think carefully about their meanings. While the report is the most complete intel that you'll ever receive, it does need interpreting. Viz; " Seemed uncomfortable on the obstacles." Possible translation -
    Is this person a little short of physical confidence?" Then identify the specific phrases used to define your weaknesses. Write down what you want the DS to write next time. Now you can plan what will be necessary to bridge the gap. And the time that it will take.

    In your own time, Carry On.
  13. Yeah, but Emily Watson's done tits-oot stuff on film, and looks like she'd be a goer. Might even have slightly lower standards.
  14. Dream on, Emily is never going to let an arrser shag her, even after being forced to drink 24 bottles of Special Brew and a couple of Rohyponol tabs.
  15. You totally, utterly complete cnut. just ruined my weekend! do not post this on POETS day - understand?