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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Roger229, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. I have just had the news that I have failed main board.

    Does anyone know what quality of and detail of feedback I should expect? Is there any indication of how close to passing I was?

    My Dad failed first time (it must run in the family!) and did an "O" type before passing. Is the O type still going? Is there an alternative?

  2. Roger, sorry to hear that. Look chin up, the report you get briefed on is a detailed assessment of you as an individual in line with what is required of you as a potential officer. The detail given will enable you to get to grips with the areas you failed in and what can be done to remedy them. Consider this, you have clearly showed potential otherwise you would not be at the MB.

    I am afraid that there is not an O type engagement and has not been for sometime. Your sponsor will be able to guide you on the options.

    Take heart in the fact that you got to the main board, that the MoD was actually interested in you and that you have already shown potential for the job. Once you get your report (which will come from your sponsor) take on board the advice, address the areas of concern and go back for another stab.
  3. Thanks for that Joker.

    I thought I'd done Ok, so I'm hoping the feedback will be specific enough to allow me to improve the areas I messed up.

    Shame about the O Type. It seemed a good way to get some real understanding of army life and get paid at the same time!
  4. The way I understood it (please correct me if wrong) is that a pass is just that - a letter stating that with the offer of a place to Sandbags. A letter with a fail is far more detailed and, should you wish to go back for a second shot, will identify the areas that the board felt are lacking and that you should look to work on. From there, speak to any old and bold you know, work on those areas (and keep all the other ones up to speed).

    You may not be able to do an O type, but depending on your circumstances (student/TA/OTC etc) and the reason for your failing the board, there may be options for you such as attachments, opporturnites to do more planning exercises and so on.

    Just take it on the chin, keep working and good luck the second time round.
  5. Thanks dropshortjock

    The initial fail/pass letter has (as far as I know) has no details. I should get a second letter (3 weeks) with a detailed (I hope) breakdown of shortcomings for me to address.

    I've just finished uni and part of the problem is that I had no plan B, so now I've got to get sorted out with a job. I can't reapply to MB for 6 months, so I'm trying to find something which will add to my cv & experience. Also possibly join the TA, which might improve my knowledge of the army and teach me some practical skills.
  6. Check PMs
  7. How did you fail? It appears you were exactly what the Army needed!!! :D You would have fit right in to the Officer's Mess (where plan B (a) is always generated by the Sgt's Mess and always works :D )

    Don't get fixated on the 6 month bit.... you may require longer. Join the TA, even if it is only for 6 months. It shows willing and will broaden your skills and knowledge even if you are a tom.

    Obviously you reached the main board, so you have plenty of potential.... it is only a shame RMAS binned RowCo, as I feel we lose many "almosts" due to this loss.

    Be prepared to find some civvie type courses or experiences as well, depending on your feed back.
  8. Totally agree with Chocolate Frog "it is only a shame RMAS binned RowCo", although it was a bit of a Penal Battalion in it's approach it certainly stemmed the seepage by chaps like you that had failed main board.
    If you want to go to RMAS be prepared to dive into the TA and show how keen you are, and get another date set up soonest, go climb a mountain and find out what you fell down at RCB and work on it hard. Don't get a job (if you can find one) that demands every hour God has or else you will give up the hope of getting to RMAS because you just won't have the time.
    Head down, best foot forward and all the very best.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Just make this clear to the unit you are planning to join and I am sure they will help you out.

  10. Failed mine recently and still waiting on the report atm. Had considered joining the TA for the same reasons as above, but was wondering what the average join up times were? And with respects to your health and such, can they just transfer that info. from your current Army officer application?
  11. I failed mine in November, put in my interest in January, selection late February, condensed course in May and baring CIC which I can't do until December (chilly I hear in catterick that of year), I attend all the weekends I can (I admit that's only been 2 up to this point).

    From the get go I have been 100% forthright and they know the score. The OC has said he will help as much as he can/that I think I need, but has reiterated that it's innate ability thatthe main board are looking for.

    There is a 3-6 month carry over regarding the health check and if you're lucky westbury will pass them over to your chosen TA regiment. That was why my time from interest to joining was so low, otherwise it would have been longer so I'm told.
    I would personally check to see if you can do a condensed course as well. A guy who did selection and parade evenings with me still hasn't done his RTC weekend 1 because of mishaps with paperwork (luckily I had some holiday at work to spare).

    edit- plus there is a AT weekend in August that involves climbing lots of hills, well, 3 peaks. For me that is a major plus :D

    edit2- I was flagged as PO material on the condensed course as well which left an awkward moment while I explained my situation.

    Something I'm not sure about however. It will be verging 16 months between one main board and the next for myself. I would think mucking in as a tom and putting in the time to improve my core skills rather then rushing to attempt MB #2 6 months later would be the best approach, however would the board see that as being wasting time (which I don't believe it would be, better to over prepare and start in a zimmer frame then rush and fail).
  12. Shit a couple of you guys have failed, now you got me nervouse about it =| What is the pass percentage like, i heard it was 65%?

    When i got my debriefing of the AOSB Briefing my sponsor said i had a Cat1 write up but my fitness was poor, he also mentioned other things such as scruffy attire etc.

    But if i get all the points they made in line and really knuckle down and work hard would i pass? Also what is the delay if you fail Main Board, 6 months?
  13. If you have worked on the points raised at the board, turn up , do your best and the board see leadership potential in you, then you could pass. Turn up as a fat scruffy waster, show nothing has changed and expect to fail.

    Turn up, give 100% at everything and if you are suitable then you might pass.

  14. Cheers i've already bought new shirts and suit for the board, also decided to face the fact that i'm balding and shaved. Also have been running everyday since the board on top of all the sports i do, have lost nearly 1 stonne.

    Also at the MSFT are you allowed to continue past 10.2 at the main board?
  15. I failed my main board, which was probably a good thing; my heart really wasn't in it, and I realized I was perfectly content where I was with the TA. If you go into it 100% you should get there.

    RE, the MSFT, no, they'll stop you.