Failed DV clearance for Int, what next?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by big6_88, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. As above i pass everything that was required of me to go for my first AND only choice which was Int Corps as an OPMI, 77 BARB, A grade at ADSC and a pass at Chicksands and all the other bits and pieces GCSE's etc etc. Only pitfall was my family background and origin (chinese), but having spoke to the WO2 at Chicksands for numerous hours, there is nothing i can do about that and will have to explore other routes, ie service in another regiment and transfer over once serving x amount of years.

    Currently 22 working databases systems for the NHS, but had my heart set on the Int, considering that was my first and only choice, i am now in the predicament in regards to what to consider next as my potential options, my recruiters at my ACIO seem to be steering me towards RE, so here are my options, any input or guidance will be brilliant,

    Many Thanks

    RE340 RE Geo Tech
    RE300 RE Mil. Engineer Design
    RE550d RE Mil. Engineer Design (surveyor)
    RE140 RE Mil. Engineer Communications
    SIG100 RS Communication systems engineer

    I know this is also in the Sappers sub-forum, but just wondering whether any guys within Int can shed any light on what trades would be best to keep me going until the time where i can obtain DV and transfers over to Int, the RSM up at chicksands was brilliant on the Int side of things and trying to get me through DV by trying to straggle someone up at DVA but unfortunately to no avail, he reckons Geo tech... Also considering RMP or CMT possibly...

    Got geo tech selection on the 6th feb, however there next intake is july time...
  2. So, pretty much anything that involves sitting behind a desk, then.

    Stop poncing around and join the infantry.

    Hope this helps, welcome to the site.
  3. Haha thanks, it's not necessarily a desk job i'm looking for, although reading my job choices, it does seem like that, haha...!

    It's more jobs i think that will challenge me mentally, also i fully plan to enrol for the all arms commando course as soon as i can.

    p.s. my run time was 9 mins 18 secs at ADSC, not bad for the smallest unsuspecting chinese guy... but working everyday on it with tabs, fartlek training, weights, mma and other runs etc etc

    (roll on the banter!) :p
  4. Doesn't Geo Tech require DV??
  5. People have had longer waits..
  6. Mess Webley ?
  7. Sorry but the Mess Webley is fully booked up until June.
  8. You are clearly intelligent and enthusiastic. Go and talk to your recruiter at the AFCO again. So you can't go Int-it isn't the end of the world. You don't say if you have a degree or not, either way have you considered looking at commissioning into a technical Corps-plenty of non DV jobs in the Engineers, or one of the Combat arms. If you still want to join there will be a place for you, if it was Int or nothing then you may just have to walk away.

    Edited to add: I have been at the Mess Webley with the Hopes solvent and a wad of 'fourbytwo' I found under an old mess tin (where else?). It is in the usual place, just ask the Steward and try not to make a mess on the snooker table this time!.
  9. Join the Infantry.
    If you are smart enough then go to sandhurst, if you are young enough go to welbeck first.
    But join the Infantry.
    Any other role is like being a butcher who doesn't get to play with knives.

    Mate, make your mind up! Are you a little 'unsuspecting chinese guy' who wants to be challenged mentally?
    Or someone who works out doing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts - Cage fighting ?) on your way to the All Arms Commando course?
    Sounds like one is the truth, the other is your future pub-story.
  10. I was thinking that very question, but I'm not 100% sure? It's certainly SC.
  11. I know a lad going GEO Tech starting in late February, don't know if you can get on that if you pass selection on the 6th? Probably too short a timescale but worth asking surely.
  12. All the geo's I've worked with (admittedly only 4) have been DV'd.
  13. Sorry about that, i've got a-levels, in business, economics, physics and maths. Definately did consider the commissioned route, however speaking for quite a few people i already know in the forces and additionally a girl i met at Chicksands for int selection, an officer role sounds more supervisory as opose to hands on skills, which is what i prefer. Basically my aim with my second choice now, which is where the predicament stands, is what will keep me challenged for the next couple of years in service etc before i can obtain DV and transfer over to int, which is what the RSM up at Chicksands says would probably be the only way i can get in.

    From directorates at Camberley and speaking to my recruitment sergeant, SC is only required initially for Geo Tech, however 'maybe' later you may have to obtain DV...

    Sorry to go off the subject a little bit here, but just on what your implying on this bit...

    It sounds asthough you have a misconception of what MMA/Cage fighting is, those who glorifying there participation in the sport and brand/label themselves as cage fighters are plain thugs, who generally aren't any good, whereas those who are dedicated to the sport (the most unlikely look people aswell), would just be content with calling it MMA, getting on with the job and training just as hard as most the pro's, and i took this sport up personally because i previously did BJJ and knew i needed to bulk up for the army in addition to my CV training, that was all i was implying by adding that to what i said in order to hopefully prepare to do the all arms commando course as soon as i'm in
  14. Hmmm i can understand that, but doesn't help my own personal situation where i'm in now... especially considering i was given the thumbs up initially by the guys up at Chicksands to start in October with Int until the DVA pulled my application for DV...
  15. When I was still earing green kit (just over ten years ago) a number of the Geo Tech posts did require DV but most of the posts in the Geo Squadrons where only SC. With luck big6_88 ould get a few years service in without lack of DV being an issue.