Failed DV clearance for Int, what next?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by big6_88, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. As above i pass everything that was required of me to go for my first AND only choice which was Int Corps as an OPMI, 77 BARB, A grade at ADSC and a pass at Chicksands and all the other bits and pieces GCSE's etc etc. Only pitfall was my family background and origin (chinese), but having spoke to the WO2 at Chicksands for numerous hours, there is nothing i can do about that and will have to explore other routes, ie service in another regiment and transfer over once serving x amount of years.

    Currently 22nd working databases systems for the NHS, but had my heart set on the Int, considering that was my first and only choice, i am now in the predicament in regards to what to consider next as my potential options, my recruiters at my ACIO seem to be steering me towards RE, so here are my options, any input or guidance will be brilliant,

    Many Thanks

    RE340 RE Geo Tech
    RE300 RE Mil. Engineer Design
    RE550d RE Mil. Engineer Design (surveyor)
    RE140 RE Mil. Engineer Communications
    SIG100 RS Communication systems engineer
  2. not being any of these trades i cannot advise BUT i am aware of talk of the RE C3S(RE140 RE Mil. Engineer Communications) going to the Sigs(SIG100 RS Communication systems engineer)

    find Baby G on here & send him a PM as he is RE Sigs.

    hope this helps.
  3. if you intend to swap again, then you may not wish to go down the route of CS Eng. The course is long and you may find it hard to swap out again.

    Same with geo and (i think) Eng Design.

    RMP might be a goos starter, but i think it is pretty full so you could end up waiting. Inf or Gunner UAV could be a good start, if you use it to spring board in to the Int Corps.
  4. medium-long term, yes my intention would be to transfer over, as after attending chicksands, i was totally sold on the role, but that can only really happen after 3-5 years of service i've been told and where i would be at a substantiative rank to transfer over as a SNCO to Int.

    But also on the off chance i may actually really enjoy the RE and actually stick at it until whichever point i decide to leave, aiming doing 8 years min in the army (i hope!), so i want something challenging both mentally and physically, seeing as the RE have 24 commando in there regiment.

    My recruitment sergeant seemed adament to steer me away from the route of RMP, with the simple saying of 'once an RMP, always an RMP', but the next intake i've heard is apparently in may/june time, but been told that wouldn't keep me mentally challenged enough in the meantime whilst i buy my time to transfer over to the Int.
  5. Ammo Tech is another possible route to the dark side, however the inability to get DV might trip you up here as well.. (as in lots of other things..)
  6. The Gunners have a Cdo regiment (29) and a para regiment (7 RHA), and they are getting pretty big on the UAV front. You also have the special OP battery.

    It is a bit difficult to pick a unit that you could just sit in for a bit, and then move on, whilst retaining the option of staying in.

    I think, what would be best, is if you abandon your hopes of being a Int Corps bloke. And look for something you want to do else where. Once your DV is sortable and you still have that itch you could request a transfer.

    CS Op (Royal Signals) is a varied career giving you the option to serve with Cdo (small numbers though), Para or SAS. We also have just started posting substantial numbers of this trade to Inf Bns. As an extra you could opt for EW specialisation.

    CS Engr (Royal Signals) is similar to your current job, and again you have all of the above options. You get LCpl straight from trade (in real terms I think you are looking at an extra 5k or so in wonga) providing you are up to it, and you get some interesting slots.
  7. Hi

    I tell you a little something here starting off about me. I too am into IT and stuff and I have been trying to get in the British Army since October 2009. My interest was in the Royal Signals as a CS Engineer but sadly, being a commonwealth citizen and not having been resided in the UK for three years, I cannot join the Royal Signals. So I searched the other IT jobs and came up with the following jobs which are the closest to the CS Engineering job.

    ACS (ARtillery Command Systems) in Royal ARtillery
    UAV Operator in Royal Artillery
    Driver/Communication Specialist in RLC (Royal Logistics Corps)
    Military Engineer Communications in Royal Engineers

    I think the Military Engineer Communications job would be a good start if you are not getting in due to security, once you get it cleared, you can always apply to shift to CS Engineer.

    Alternatively, If you can get in the ROyal Signals as a driver or any other job, I suggest you go for it since its easy to move to other jobs within the same regiment i.e. Royal Signals or Royal Engineers rather than moving from one regiment to another i.e from Royal Engineers to Royal Signals. If your residency is ok which should be of minimum three years stay in UK but are not getting the CS Engineer job due to security then I guess you can join the Royal Signals as Driver or Linesman.

    As for me, I would go for the Communication Systems Engineer job becuase it falls under Intelligence, IT and Communications category but I yet have to pass the ADSC.

    If you have any more questions, do ask. Its nice to have a brainstorm about job options before going for one since discussing it with others, especially like minded ones help you to decide which one you want to go.
  8. 12345678910 (looks like putting comments in the quotes gets the 10 character nazis out)
  9. just had an update from a woman i spoke to up at Gibraltar barracks, i'm booked in for the 5 day geo tech selection on the 6th feb, however the next intake with spaces for that trade is july...?!?!

    worth waiting or maybe considering other trades which have sooner start dates, i.e. the ones above or additionally looked at RMP or CMT...

    just very anxious just to get stuck in as i really should've started in october and still keeping in contact with people in the second half of there phase 1 training is so depressive, curses to DV!
  10. Sadly Mate, Eng Geo requires DV as well so that may be out of the running too. The fact of the matter is that if you failed your DV interview initially then this will continue to be a reoccuring theme.