Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. They always seem to have some beef going on. A little sensitive it seems, and perhaps a tad rough, and round the edges, but jolly good lads and lasses for all that.

    The thought of around 80 million of them suddenly becoming EU citizens may well have given some Eurosceptics a slight sense of misgiving though

    Their behaviour as a people with the Armenians does leave a few lingering doubts as well.
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  2. Yes they were a bit naughty. But hey, you shag one sheep...
  3. This is a rather interesting story with a connection to the coup attempt. Turkey launches probe into U.S. attorneys over alleged fabricated documents

    A Turkish gold trader is facing charges in the US over allegations that he conducted gold trades with Iran that were contrary to US trade sanctions. Turkey claims the charges were based on fabricated documents. Turkey has now opened an investigation into the US prosecutors.
    The Turks claim that the documents fingering the gold trader were fabricated by Gulen associates, and that one of the US prosecutors has very close ties to Gulen's network.
    There was apparently a previous investigation into the gold trader over this matter by Turkey. Erdogan, who was PM at the time, got the investigation spiked on the grounds that it was politically motivated. There are apparently references to Erdogan and his wife in court papers relating to the alleged matter. It is not clear just what that relationship entails.
    The root of this incident appears to go back well before the recent coup attempt. Turkey's position is that the whole thing is a fit up by Gulenists in an attempt to indirectly discredit Erodgan. The other side of this is that Erdogan was somehow associated with someone who was involved in dodgy gold trading.

    Either possibility is interesting, but I suspect the result in either case will be to drive an even bigger wedge between Turkey and the US.
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  4. Well after all it is approaching Christmas, and that traditional dinner.
  5. More on that dodgy Turkish gold trader named Zarrab. Does a Turkish-Iranian gold trader have the goods on former Trump associate Michael Flynn?

    The CBC reports that there is suspicion that he may be doing a deal with US prosecutors to give evidence against former US national security advisor Michael Flynn.
    He was apparently picked up in Miami in March of 2016.
    There is speculation that he may know something about the allegations that Flynn was attempting to arrange to kidnap Gulen and hand him over to the Turks in exchange for $15 million.
    NBC is reporting that Flynn may have been attempting to negotiate the release of Zarrab.
    Turkey had been investigating Zarrab in 2013 on charges of corruption, bribery, and money laundering, but reportedly a cabinet minister quashed the investigation. The scandal hurt Erdogan's party in the 2014 elections, but Erdogan himself survived it. Erdogan blamed the whole thing on Gulen.
    Erdogan has accused the US prosecutors of having ulterior motives, and said it is being done as a threat to his government.
    This latest issue is deepening the crisis in the relations between Turkey and the US.
    I suspect this issue may balloon out of control and have important consequences for Turkey's future direction.
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  6. That issue seem to still be simmering, with further claims being made. A US Govt witness, Reza Zarrab, said he was told by a top Turkish official around 2012 that Mr. Erdogan instructed two of Turkey's largest banks, Ziraat Bank and VakifBank, to begin helping Iran launder its money.

    Erdogan Allowed Turkish Banks to Help Iran Make Illegal Payments, Witness Says -- 2nd Update

    This has now been followed by Turkey accusing an ex CIA man as being part of the coup.
    Turkey seeks arrest of ex-CIA officer
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