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Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. And risk am even bigger war? Arguably, CENTCOM arming the PYD/YPG foretells the (frightening) prospect of a contiguous Kurdish state from Iran to the Mediterranean.
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  2. Though exactly why it should be anymore frightening than the status quo escapes me. Merely replaces Sunni. I believe that Turkey sees it's self as the replacement Sunni state. Turkey sees possibilities in Europe and in the ME which replaced the old Ottoman. History will repeat itself, hence why Russia wants a foothold in Syria.
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  3. Which I think brings up the point that the end of IS isn't necessarily the end of the war. Aside from the fact that there's still the other rebels in Syria, the Kurdistan region of Iraq may make a bid for formal independence, possibly in association with the Kurdish region of Syria. This in turn could draw in involvement from Turkey as well as internal warfare in Iraq and Syria.

    If the above leads to much larger Turkish involvement in the war, that could result in even greater security crack downs within Turkey to deal with the consequences of it, and even greater concentration of power in the hands of Erdogan.
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