Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Nothing :)
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  2. There is a T-shirt in Turkey which can get you arrested for wearing it. What not to wear: The $5 top that could get you detained in Turkey

    It's a fairly basic T-shirt with the word "HERO" in large lettering across it. It's a style sold by the Turkish clothing chain "Defacto".

    However, since one of the alleged coup plotters wore one, the Turkish government has decided that anyone else wearing one is a "Gulenist" supporter and arrests them on sight.

    The theory being promoted by the government aligned media is that "HERO" stands for "Hoca Efendi Rahat Ol" which translates to "No Need to Worry, Sir Teacher." The "teacher" supposedly refers to Fethullah Gulen, the Turkish citizen living in the US who is supposedly behind the coup attempt.

    Defacto has pulled the product from their store shelves.
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  3. @terminal gods... ( Not at you, just at the paranoia. Incredible. )
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  4. Seems others have no illusions about Turkey becoming a member of the EU.
    'They've crossed the line' Turkey will NEVER join the EU fumes Austrian Chancellor

    Hard working and jolly, salt of the earth maybe, but also historically pretty brutal with a recent genocide its present hardline 'dictatorship' held in place by the poorer hard line Muslim faction.

    The approximately 80 million Muslims unleashed upon Europe by them becoming a member would seriously excacerbate the accelerating problems already being experienced throughout Europe by the intolerance and failure to integrate with host nations shown by this religion/political creed and its confessed aims of preeminence.
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  5. If that had been said 100 years ago it might have meant something. The EU have other plans. Still if push comes to shove we'll see if QMV in the CM means anything
  6. Sorry, are we talking about a notorious Austrian who briefly held sway 75 years ago...or Turkey?
  7. Austria?

    Hello pot this is kettle over...
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  8. Ditto, just back from Turkey the other week. First worked with the Turks in NATO StaNavForMed in 2004 and was quite glad they were on our side. I have got buckets of time for the Turkish people - and they seem to like Brits. Not so much Germans or Russians, has to be said...
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  9. As beefer succinctly put it hard to tell, and ‘he’, certainly not averse to allying himself to the Muslims.

    In Speer’s memoir 'Inside The Third Reich' he reported that "Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs."The delegation having speculated that the world would have become "Mohammedan" if the Berbers and Arabs had won at Tours in the 8th Century, and that the Germans would have become heirs to "a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith. Such a creed perfectly suited to the German temperament."

    And yes, having also worked in many places around the world with exposure to a large variety of cultures and peoples, including the Turks, by no means the worst, still of the opinion that this is yet another compelling reason to removing ourselves from what could be a toxic union.
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  10. The following is a very interesting article on the trial of journalists in Turkey. On trial for supporting terrorist groups, Turkey's journalists fight back

    Seventeen journalists from Turkey's oldest newspaper are on trial for allegedly supporting terrorism.
    If convicted, they face up to 43 years in prison.
    However, at least some of them are not intimidated by the government, and are attempting to turn the tables on the prosecutors by using the trial as a public forum.
    One of the main charges against them is that their headlines, stories, and political cartoons suggest support for Gulen, the man allegedly behind the coup attampt.
    However, these journalists are well known for being opponents of Gulen, and have in the past written stories criticising Erdogan for his own closeness to Gulen.
    Press freedom advocates are hoping that international pressure will have an effect on the current crack down in the press in Turkey.
    There are more details in the news story, and it is well worth reading in full.
  11. Link? I'm not surprised but
    might be interesting
  12. Sorry No can do
    " Long Range Turkey P 5
    The S-400 missile to the turks; It's the one Russia deployed and used destroy to shoot down Turkish planes after the TAF F16's ambushed in Syria in 2015.
    Back then Putin referred to the Turks as " accomplices of Terrorists"; Now he is welcoming " a normal co-operative partnership" with the , ahem Turkish ally. Putin even bunged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan $1 Billion to help pay for the kit in the form of a "joint investment fund"- a handsome discount
    Turkey's Nato membership is now almost certainly at an end, much to the delight of senior NATO officers who have witnessed the "Turks taking the Piss", as one colonel from the NATO liason office described it to the Eye, for far too long."
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