Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. It was probably less stressful being on der Führer's Staff on the 21st of July 1944 or throughout April 1945.
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  2. I think the threat to unleash Syrian migrants is a hollow one. After the nigh on 7 years some of them have been in Turkey, they have settled, become economically active and if they wanted to leave, they would have (of the trickle of irregular migrants attempting to travel to Europe, only about 30% are Syrians. The rest are Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis etc).

    So Erdogan's threat is a bit iffy...meanwhile Dutch friends on Ankara are getting a really hard time - the local police wouldn't let them into their Embassy. Thank God I'm in England...
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  3. The answer might well be that since he has already been complaining about a number of Nazi countries, they can all now tell him to Fox Oscar.
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  4. His threat is real and current, nobody has mentioned or assumed that he will only let loose the Syrian migrants/chancers at all.
    Their nationalities do not and will not come in to it, they are a means to an end for him.
    If only 30% are apparently Syrian (and that figure is very very much doubted) the other 70% are more than enough to cause very serious financial and civil order problems for the fluffy bunnies in Brussels and Strasbourg should he want them to.
    On current form he has absolutely nothing to lose in this play at all,he has no other cards left to deal having been given the collective EU cold shoulder (except for France) as evidenced this week.
    He could always perhaps mirror the NATO, on behalf of Frontex, policy and run them out half way by Turkish Navy and cross-ship them?
    An interesting start to the year and we haven't even seen Easter yet.
  5. I have every reason to believe the figures that I gave in my post. Numbers have fallen at least 20-fold compared with 2016. The UK - agencies, NCA, BF and others work very closely with Turkish Authorities along with other countries to reduce the migration flow and intercept foreign fighters. But the point is that other irregular migrants tend to spend very little time in Turkey. It's not a guaranteed route to Europe whereas the north African route is (internal borders in the Balkans and robust enforcement helps). Oh and it's the Turkish Coast Guard that does counter migration and not the Turkish Navy - who see their job to sink enemies of the Republic...and TCG is now part of the Interior Ministry and not TGS. And the only reason NATO are bobbing about in the Aegean is to placate Merkel.
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  6. Seems the Turks have spent the day throwing the toys out of the bathtub. Erdogan is going to have the Dutch up before the court of human rights, apparently the Dutch have been inhuman and are guilty of crimes against international law. Sounds like he's just warming up. If we're all Nazis I'd better lose a few kilos; want to look my best in Hugo Boss.

    Somebody else in Turkey is going to sue the Dutch king. Erdogan has put out a list of sanctions. Some Turks were up for a spot of flag burning earlier today, pity they were burning the French flag, oops!
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  7. The day after tomorrow voting starts in the Netherlands.
    Is Erdogan having an EM moment (or few weeks even)?
    How to win friends and influence people, Volume 3.
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  8. A very appropriate mixed metaphor there! Well done ;) .
  9. Well.A leopard can't change its horses in midstream,as He attempts to make them drink....:rolleyes:
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  10. Turkey-Netherlands row: Erdogan slams Dutch over Srebrenica - BBC News
    Not only Nazi's, Erdogan has now raised Srebrenica. "The Netherlands and the Dutch, we know them from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how much their morality, their character is broken from the 8,000 Bosnians that were massacred,":
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  11. I was thinking about this yesterday and wonder whether there should not be another thread. However, I perceive a slightly different angle.
  12. Since the coup a number of Turkish officers assigned to NATO have sought asylum in various Western countries after their suspension in Erdogan’s purge of the armed forces.

    All those who returned to Turkey as ordered were reported to have been arrested on arrival and detained in prison. Others remained abroad and are applying for asylum.

    Germany and Belgium and Holland received asylum applications from these officers. Norway has apparently granted this to some.
    Norway grants asylum to Turkish military officers fearing persecution after coup attempt

    More than 43,000 in the armed forces police and judiciary were arrested after the coup, and their trials have been ongoing.
    Largest post-coup trial opens in Turkey | News | DW.COM | 28.02.2017

    Apparently Erdogan is quite happy to threaten to allow asylum seekers to flood Europe...just not Turkish ones. As for Turks abroad, they too are not safe from Erdogan’s reach.
    Dismay as Erdogan begins REVOKING passports of Turkish nationals living in Europe
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  13. Hmm, Crispen Blunt's report. I gave evidence as part of a group. Very gruff individual he is. There's also been virtually np coverage in Turkish media.
  14. If gruff means, tell it like it is, then perhaps some people are beginning to deal with reality, which would seem Erdogan is neither used to dealing with, or likes.