Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Allah Allah, çok doğrunsunuz.
    Umudunu kesiyorum.

    [Oh my God, you're absolutely right. I am despairing!]
  2. That doesnt surprise me. Erdogan's staff were the most tightly wound highly stressed looking group of people I have ever seen.

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  3. Pre coup I saw the Presidential and Prime Ministry security details getting very shouty and pushy towards each other at a conference venue In İstanbul. Tense barely described it!
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  4. That's quite interesting. I have to wonder if they knew the coup attempt (or whatever we want to call it) was upcoming?
  5. The 15 July event is fertile ground for all manner of conspiracy theories. Certainly I think there is reason to doubt the official account. For example the Service Chiefs were all kidnapped and taken to Akıncı air base just outside Ankara, yet were free to wander around and kept their mobile phones...
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  6. Whilst the Dutch get it right, Germany ties itself in knots. Dortmund has gone and decided that the 22,000 Turks in the Nordstadt will have their very own polling station! Wonder if they'll do that for all other nationalities....
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  7. Turkey, a NATO member from the start, should never have been in the position its now in. Previous generations of politicians should have spent more time with Turkey bringing it more into the European sphere rather than ignoring it as the smelly poor man knocking on the door. Its only right that as an ally they receive help from other allies to provide aid to the refugees which they are currently housing and hopefully will be able to return to Syria at some point. That would have been a far better use of funds rather than the current extortion racket.
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  8. Been an interesting night in Rotterdam. Possibility that things will escalate today. Last night kicked off with the Turkish minister Kaya wanting to address a protest from the grounds of the Turkish Consulate and encourage them all to vote for dodgy policies back home. Being Turkish territory there's not much the Dutch could do to stop this (a bit like Assange preaching from the Ecuadorian balcony). Yesterday evening parts of the Turkish community took to the streets in Rotterdam for a party. Allan's Snackbar was apparently providing shoarma and pizza for the event.

    There are two sides to this as there is also a large part of the Turkish community who do not support Erdogan although I suspect they are keeping their heads down at the moment.

    Last night the Dutch police tested out their water cannon (lesson for Theresa here) and the police horses got a bit of exercise. The Turkish minister was stopped along with her bodyguards and told to return to Germany where she got back on board a private plane and returned to Turkey to tell people this morning how the vile Dutch had mishandled her bodyguards and humiliated her. Se also said that Gert Wilders was in power and it was all his fault. She must be clairvoyant as the elections are this week and the other parties have already decided to screw the public over by banning Wilders from an eventual coalition parliament. They're going for the same old same old. Add two this that the parties have been saying as little as possible about immigration, islamification etc hoping to bluff the public into thinking that it all never really happened. Geert Wilders tweets last night that all those getting their snacks from Allan and not Piet's Friet Put could all toddle off to the countries they came from. That will go down well in the parliament on Monday morning.

    Seems that some of the Rotterdammers were helping police last night by throwing stuff from balconies onto the crowd below. One can only imagine what that was. Rutte, the prime minister is trying to defuse all of this, Erdogan is doing his best to stoke the flames of unrest, I suspect Wilders is sitting in a corner, hands steepled with a look of "I told you so" on his face and tonight is likely to see problems in other cities as well.
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  9. Erdoğan's success has been in gaining support from the peasantry and opportunistic businessmen. Previous leaders focused on the elite and the Army. A lot of people have got very wealthy under AKP. At the moment the UK is about the only European country that has even passable diplomatic relations with Ankara
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  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Apparently the Dutch are all Nazi bastards and the Turks are going to teach them a lesson.

    This should be good...
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  11. A "spontanius" protest of c.450 people has materialised, outside the Dutch Embassy in Düsseldorf.......Hmm, Erdogan doing his bit to gain totalitarian powers?
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  12. The only remaining hope for the Muslim world was that places like Turkey and Malaysia would remain in the 'nominally sane' camp.

    It's all going wrong.

    A collapse of the Turkish tourist economy will put the seal on it.
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  13. A lot has been written, and spoken about, concerning the EU/Turkish immigrant ‘deal’ that was so hastily cobbled up by the EU after Merkel’s ill thought out ‘invitation’ and the consequent human torrent that subsequently poured into Europe.

    We do know some increasingly eye opening Turkish demands over more money, visa relaxation and fast tracking EU membership were certainly not met on their part by any human rights corrections, more democratic style of Government and actual swapping of immigrant/refugees, and that it all ended in tears, loud threats from Erdogan and increasingly acrimonious exchanges.

    What seems more difficult to find out is how much money the EU and UK actually paid to Turkey, and how many refugees were, not ‘returned’, but simply exchanged, in the seemingly rather one sided deal.

    In the meantime Erdogan seems perfectly willing to increasingly alienate his supposed NATO allies and the EU countries in general. If this is any indication of Turkish behaviour as things stand now, it does not bear thinking about what it would be like if Turkey were to have been given the relaxed travel conditions and fast tracked EU membership they were demanding.
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  14. fu2

    fu2 LE

    oh how I laughed watching the news last night and seeing a dutch police dog sinking its teeth into a turkish thigh. The sad truth is that had that happened here in germany the turk could sue the police for bodily harm ffs.The problem is that if the germans let the turkish politicians in to promote Erdogans policies then he wins and if they don`t let them in then he can complain about the nazi germans and he wins again
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