Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Great to hear about the CT IT AS...along with no deals on immigrants, visa free travel...that we know of.
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  2. Erdogan says Dutch are Nazi remnants... He obviously dosent do irony..:rofl:
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  3. Has he clearly just given up on accession, and it's open mic night ?

    We could have a match off between him and Trump on twitter for "who says the most undiplomatic thing".

    Obviously we would actually win. If Prince Phillip ever signed up for an account.
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  4. I had a brief opportunity to observe Erdogan at close range a few years ago when he was on a state visit to India. I could tell immediately from the way he was treating his staff that he's a complete w@nker.

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  5. He wanted to have some people come to the Netherlands and whip up the Turkish population to endorse a referendum which would give Erdogan more powers. Dutch parliament told them to go do one. Issue is that a Turk with a Dutch passport cannot give up his Turkish citizenship. The argument goes that they then have to have somebody come and tell them what is going on at home and why they need to vote.

    Government told the minister of foreign affairs Cavusoglu that he wasn't welcome and would not be allowed into the country. Crafty Turks have now done what any illegal would do; got into a car and drove across the border. That would then be the minister for family affairs Kaya. Handbags have been selected and things are coming nicely to the boil in the same week that the Dutch elections are about to take place.

    Typically the Dutch, rather than being worried about the possible diplomatic consequences are already talking about whether the summer holiday in Antalya will be going ahead this year.
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  6. My Turkish mate decided to go to Canada instead of a prison in his land of birth. A place he would have died for.
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  7. Oh he does you know. Don't give me what I want, you're a Nazi.

    He he 70 years on it's coming home to roost:D
  8. He'll get his accession- eye's closed- dont' look ethel
  9. Erdogan is also still upset about not getting visa free travel and more concessions/money from the EU...despite the massively one sided immigrant deal the pin heads in the EU signed that saw some billions of Euros handed over for a scheme that by EU’s own standards could not be applied.
    The Paradox of the EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

    A deal that did not even reduce numbers of immigrants.
    EU-Turkey refugee deal – Q&A

    From early on it was becoming apparent that the whole thing was a farce that resulted in Turkey getting a huge wedge of Euros for.... not a lot Mrs Merkel.
    'Disaster in the Making': The Many Failures of the EU-Turkey Refugee Deal - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

    Yet one more reason Britain elected to leave the mess that the EU was, is, and remains heading downhill fast.

    Erdogan meanwhile has the money and now is upset they didn’t get the visa free travel, despite the ongoing human rights abuses in Turkey, and a faster entry for Turkey into the EU and all that lovely money that the Greeks have been helping themselves to for years now.

    Erdogan is racking up an impressive number of countries and organisation that he has threatened in the lat year or two...and people talk about Trump.
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  10. Does Erdogan want to come here and preach his bile....... wait for ,wait for it.
  11. It gets better, the same pin heads are now considering similar deals for countries around the southern half of the Med. Nobody seems to have worked out that there are more doctors and engineers in that part of the world than Euros.
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  12. Those in charge of the EU have a history of some pretty stupid ideas/plans...disasters, and why we elected to leave rather than continue financing them and being told to button it.
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  13. Apparently, when Erdoğan flies from Esenboğa (Ankara) on an overseas tour, his Ministers and Undersecretaries line up to farewell him. The more canny will have a bag ready as he often selects some of them from the lineup to travel with him!
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  14. Let's not forget that Turkey looks after 3 million Syrian refugees (that's the official figure) as well as many, many thousands from other countries. The real number of Syrians there could be up to 5 million - up to 6.5% of the population.
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  15. This about sums up Turkey. Someone found cheats for a video game in the trash, so they assumed it was Gulenist secret communications and used their lapdog media to broadcast about it.

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