Failed Coup in Turkey: 15/07/2016

Interesting confirmation of background, and how we/they arrived at this position . . . .

Understanding the Turkish mindset

"Located between West and East, the Republic of Turkey links Europe to the Middle East and the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. The country also controls two maritime chokepoints and holds significant economic, military and cultural influence throughout the region. However, the union between the country’s capital-rich cosmopolitan western provinces and the underprivileged conservative eastern regions has shaped a duality in the geopolitical mindset of Turkey".

A very informative channel overall for strategic thinking.
Under pressure, France toughens talk on Turkish Syria operation
France is getting a bit more upset about 'Operation Olive Branch':
The French government has faced growing criticism at home over its response to developments in northern Syria where Turkey launched its operation“Olive Branch” nearly two months ago to sweep Syrian Kurdish YPG militants from the border.

“While concerns over border security are legitimate... at the same time ... It must be said that it absolutely does not justify the deep incursion of Turkish troops in the Afrin zone,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told lawmakers in parliament.

“The situation is critical and serious,” he said, adding that Paris feared the Turkish operation was also weakening the action against Islamic State militants.

France, like the United States, has extended arms and training to a YPG-led militia in the fight against Islamic State in Syria, and also has dozens of special forces based in the region. That has infuriated Turkey, which considers the YPG an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).
Former Pres Hollande also chipping in:
Former president Francois Hollande, who originally gave the green light for French support to the Kurds, on Monday bemoaned incumbent Emmanuel Macron’s Syria policy, in particular his attitude to the Kurds.

“If I supported the Kurds as part of the coalition, it is not to leave them in the situation they are in,” he told Le Monde.“It is not possible to celebrate the liberation of part of Syria and let entire populations die when we know the role they played in getting that result.”
Operation ‘Olive Branch’ sounds suspiciously like Turkspeak for ‘Eliminate the Kurds’.

Kurdish participation in the world's attempts to control and eliminate the obscenity that was daesh was important.

The present silence over Turkey’s present actions smacks unpleasantly of the silence that was present during the Armenian genocide.
Syrian rebel fighters enter Afrin town, say Kurdish forces have...
Turkish sponsored FSA have entered Afrin along with Turkish troops:
“Afrin city centre is under control as of 8:30 this morning,” Erdogan told a rally marking the 103rd anniversary of the World War One Gallipoli campaign. Turkish and Free Syrian Army flags had been raised in Afrin, he said.

“Most of the terrorists have already fled with tails between their legs. Our special forces and members of the Free Syrian Army are cleaning the remains and the traps they left behind,” Erdogan said. “In the centre of Afrin, symbols of trust and stability are waving instead of rags of terrorists.”

There was no immediate comment from the Kurdish forces.
YPG reported as having left Afrin:
Free Syrian Army spokesman Mohammad al-Hamadeen said the fighters entered the town from the north, east and west. “Maybe it will be cleared by the end of the day — it’s empty of (YPG) fighters, they cleared out”.
What next for Erdogan? Manbij?

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