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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKChrisT, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Hello, wen't to do my CIC yesterday passed weapon test first time around, but failed my 1.5 run by 10 seconds! I think I could of done better but i've had this cold which is on my chest so I had severe pain not trying to make excuses but my sgt said they should of let it go.. bit pissed off cos i was only 10 secs over, going to get my fitness back up and give it ago in a few months..
  2. Dry your eyes and stop the snivelling excuses
  3. Unlucky, keep at it, I was very close to failing 'cos we did our CIC straight after CMS(R) and I was fooked after 3 weeks of being beasted.

    I think I got 10:25.
  4. And you are sharing this with us because......
  5. I love how you can always count on people to take the p!ss mercilessly in the army when you're feeling down. :D
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    It may seem petty, but they've got to draw the line somewhere and if you allow 10 seconds over, where does it end? More to the point, a pass in a PFT is just the start point for fitness in the infantry so use the intervening months to your advantage and get as fit as you can for your next attempt at CIC!

    Chin up and keep at it. Good luck mate
  7. And remember how f*king w4nk you feel now next time you do the PFT!

    Get them silver shadows on you jack b*stard. :D
  8. To be brutally honest, if it takes you ten minutes you aren't really fit enough to be an infantryman. Get your name on the next course, then train train train and do the run in nine minutes flat.

    Sh!t happens; you just have to work around it. You aren't the only person to ever get a nasty cold just before a strenuous course, next time you'll pass and it'll be some other bugger.
  9. Cheers for all the positive comments, I will definitely work on my fitness!
    If anything this has opened my eyes up a bit more, and I understand my fitness need improving so that's exactly what I will do. This gives me the opportunity to build up my fitness so i'll use it to my full advantage, thanks guys.
  10. Did any one else fail on the saturday the reason i ask is my unit sent up 10 blokes (if they turned up) they would be wearing rifles cap badge
  11. Best of luck next time round, by the way
  12. Yes, some other bloke failed not sure what cap badge though.
  13. Chris - are you saying you got 14 minutes 10 seconds (or 13 minutes 10 seconds for infantry)?
  14. It's 10:30 at CIC, it's 13 mins for CMS(R)
  15. I did PJNCO in July and we did a risk reduction run with CIC on the Saturday and you had 13 min for the 1.5 miles fail that and you go home CIC and PJNCO.

    As an INF recruit you need 10.30 for 1.5 miles to pass a PFT.